Jewelry & Jeans: My Favorite 7 Baby Essentials For Making Life Easier

My Favorite 7 Baby Essentials For Making Life Easier

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

For being the smallest little humans, babies sure too need a lot of stuff.  Well, need may be a strong word but there are a few key things that do make life with a new baby a whole lot easier.  I've rounded up a few of our favorite things.  Items that we have truly used and loved.

Traveling anywhere is tough with three kids but traveling somewhere like the grocery store or Target is a whole other struggle. There are a few items that make life just that much easier. The Binxy is a life saver and a space saver. It links on to most all carts and acts as a hammock for the baby over the cart leaving plenty of room for shopping underneath.  The alternative is having the baby carrier sitting inside the cart which essentially eliminates all useable space in the cart.  This way I can have the boys sitting on the top or hanging on the sides, as they often prefer.  Keira is snug as a bug and gets to see everything.

Keira in the Binxy Carrier at 2 months

Keira in the Binxy at 6 months

For those first few months I swear by a good swaddle and after three babies the Ollie is by far my favorite.  I wrote all about our sleeping essentials HERE. To sum it up I love our Ollie and I love our Arms Reach co-sleeper bassinet.  Perfect for having right near your bed without taking up a ton of unnecessary space.  We used the Ollie together with the Dock-A-Tot inside the bassinet and it was a winning combination.

There is an essential item for every new baby and its this foam sink bath pad.  At $7, it's the best money one can spend.  It holds water so the baby feels the warmth of the water but doesn't let them be submerged since those first weeks until the umbilical cord falls off it can't get soaked.  Takes up nearly no space and doesn't mold. Once the baby out grows the foam I love this compact but comfortable baby bath from Angelcare.  The pink part is a silicone material and is soft to the touch while the shape helps hold baby in an upright position.

My newest addition and seriously fav is this table highchair by Inglesina.  It connects to most any table or counter. My favorite part if the compact design since our last highchair was massive. Who has room for all this stuff! Another great thing is that it folds up so compact that I could bring it in my purse if we didn't it for trips.

A few other items we love is a colorful playmat, an interactive bouncer and a baby swing.  Whenever K is fussy the swing comes to the rescue.  What are some key baby items that you swear by? I'd love to hear your favorites.



  1. Thank you for this fabulous post. I have a question. For a new parent that is researching the best baby products to buy, which product will you recommend as the must-have before every other product? Thank you.


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