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January Favorites!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

After the holidays I love cleaning house and starting fresh.  After a few weeks I'm right back in the mood for another holiday and Valentie's Day this year is a little sweeter with this little love. This fun sweater is so darn sweet with hearts on the back of each elbow.  It's a great winter sweater since it has a heavy knit and a turtleneck. It runs true to size and has a good length, I can easy do a front tuck if necessary.

Leopard is one of my favorite neutrals.  I think it goes with everything but adds a splash of fun to any outfit.  This blazer can easily be added to an all black or basic outfit.  It has a silky texture material and fits true to size.  It's a bold look due to the fabric and style so know that you need to be prepared to really stand out.  If this is too much for your taste, try incorporating leopard in a smaller piece or a pattern that is muted in tone rather than loud, like this blazer

If you're looking for an easy, basic, comfy, throw on and go sweater, then this is the one for you.  This color block sweater comes in three color combinations and is super easy to wear. I'm a sucker for army green but almost opted for the blush pink one.

Lots of great options for winter and transitioning into Spring over at Shein and you can get 15% off everything with code: Q1jewelrynjeans15 Do share if you pick up any favorite pieces yourself!  


Sleeping Essentials for Newborn Babies

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Adding another person into the house but not any additional square feet to said house has definitely made me have to rethink some of the baby essentials for Miss K.  When the boys were born we had a pack-n-play with a bassinet attachment but that thing was so big and bulky.  I couldn't move it from room to room without completely disassembling it and thus, I found us not really using it. Insert 2018 smarter products for babies! 

Man what a difference 5-6 years can make in the world of baby products.  If I didn't just have Keira and hadn't actually tried these sleep products I wouldn't know how much smarter things have gotten. I can say from 6 weeks of experience these three products are my top sleep essentials and they are night and day different from what I used with the boys. 

I like Keira to be right next to my side of the bed so that for those non-feeding moments I could easily touch or provide a paci without needing to get up and out of bed.  Since we added some furniture to our room and shifted our bed over there is no longer adequate space on my side to fit a bulky piece.  This time around I knew I wanted something more useful and practical.  Insert the Arms Reach bassinet.  This is the Versatile and it's compact in all the right ways.  My hands down favorite feature is the legs and how it can roll under my bed thus, allowing her and the bassinet to sit atop my bed if I want.  The height adjusts too so if I want her flush with my bed I can lower it too. It doesn't take up a ton of the room and isn't an eye sore.  I got the white but they have a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.  

I typically use the Arms Reach with the Dock-A-Tot grand nestled inside it.  It fits like a glove and I love how it snuggles her. It's also great for when I want her near me while awake but don't want the fear of her rolling over or the boys being too rough.  I can easily move it to the couch or my bed and I know she is well protected.  The bottom also has a snap so I can open it as she grows. Once she gets big enough they have another size up that can accommodate her.  The Dock-A-Tot is great for traveling too.  I can bring it as an easy bed for her at grandmas or if we vacation since she isn't yet mobile.  The cover makes it super easy to clean and it's beautiful to look at.  It's refreshing how baby products have become sleek and modern rather than all pale colors and farm animals. They have several different colors and patterns to choose from as well. 

We have always been big fans of swaddling and with the boys we used muslin swaddles.  While they are soft they didn't work that great from a swaddle position because the boys were strong enough to bust out of them nearly every night.  I had heard great things about the Ollie and that the velcro would make it fool proof for anyone to do but I was still hesitant that it would contain those flailing arms.  It's actually the easiest and fast swaddle and if done with just a touch of tightness holds her in without fail.  The fabric has a little stretch and I just wrap it tight across her chest, secure the three rows of velcro down her body and she is snug as a bug in a rug.  I can lay her anywhere and she will sleep.  I've tried to have her nap without the Ollie a few times and it has not been very successful so we are thankful for it!

She is currently 8 weeks and last night slept from 8pm until 5am! This trio is seriously a life saver since my boys didn't sleep that long of a stretch until month 4!! Can't wait until it's a full 12 hours. What are you're favorite, must have sleep essentials for newborns?


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