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Get Moving with the Best City Stroller

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This girl and I are always on the go. Thank goodness she is an easy going baby and thank goodness we have our Baby Jogger stroller to help make my life a little easier.  

My Favorite 7 Baby Essentials For Making Life Easier

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

For being the smallest little humans, babies sure too need a lot of stuff.  Well, need may be a strong word but there are a few key things that do make life with a new baby a whole lot easier.  I've rounded up a few of our favorite things.  Items that we have truly used and loved.

Traveling anywhere is tough with three kids but traveling somewhere like the grocery store or Target is a whole other struggle. There are a few items that make life just that much easier. The Binxy is a life saver and a space saver. It links on to most all carts and acts as a hammock for the baby over the cart leaving plenty of room for shopping underneath.  The alternative is having the baby carrier sitting inside the cart which essentially eliminates all useable space in the cart.  This way I can have the boys sitting on the top or hanging on the sides, as they often prefer.  Keira is snug as a bug and gets to see everything.

Keira in the Binxy Carrier at 2 months

Keira in the Binxy at 6 months

For those first few months I swear by a good swaddle and after three babies the Ollie is by far my favorite.  I wrote all about our sleeping essentials HERE. To sum it up I love our Ollie and I love our Arms Reach co-sleeper bassinet.  Perfect for having right near your bed without taking up a ton of unnecessary space.  We used the Ollie together with the Dock-A-Tot inside the bassinet and it was a winning combination.

There is an essential item for every new baby and its this foam sink bath pad.  At $7, it's the best money one can spend.  It holds water so the baby feels the warmth of the water but doesn't let them be submerged since those first weeks until the umbilical cord falls off it can't get soaked.  Takes up nearly no space and doesn't mold. Once the baby out grows the foam I love this compact but comfortable baby bath from Angelcare.  The pink part is a silicone material and is soft to the touch while the shape helps hold baby in an upright position.

My newest addition and seriously fav is this table highchair by Inglesina.  It connects to most any table or counter. My favorite part if the compact design since our last highchair was massive. Who has room for all this stuff! Another great thing is that it folds up so compact that I could bring it in my purse if we didn't it for trips.

A few other items we love is a colorful playmat, an interactive bouncer and a baby swing.  Whenever K is fussy the swing comes to the rescue.  What are some key baby items that you swear by? I'd love to hear your favorites.


Designed from Top to Bottom, Keira's Nursery Reveal

Sunday, April 7, 2019

To say I had fun creating Keira's nursery is an understatement.  I'm not sure if it was because I got to decorate for a girl, or if it was because I was just really ready for a change from the nursery of the boys (aka brown everything!) or if it was because I've grown to better understand myself and trust the visions I set forth to create even if it isn't picture perfect.  Keira's nursery was a struggle at first because I wanted to go in so many different directions but one thing was constant, I wanted it lighter and brighter.  That meant white.  I wanted to change out the brown dresser and brown crib and brown rocker.  Brown, brown, brown! Ugh.  

When I first came across the crib from the Soho collection for Forever Eclectic by Child Craft I knew I had the key pieces, the furniture.  I love that they are white but have a natural wood foot.  Something that is minimal but, oh so different than every other set out there.  Plus, they are REAL wood.  That means a lot to me for durability and longevity. They have a definite modern/mid century style which I really was drawn too and the clean metal hardware is sleek.  The dresser has super large draws all on metal tracks and the chest is the perfect size for the otherwise awkward nook that I never was able to really use before.  The best part was that the dresser and chest came fully assembled!! The only thing I needed to do was unscrew all the hardware and re-screw them back on facing outward. 

Excited to Share my Experience of Keira's Birth

Thursday, February 21, 2019

They say third times a charm but boy was this pregnancy and delivery so different in every way from that of my prior two, and charm isn't quite the word I'd use to describe it. That said, I did have a relatively easy pregnancy despite a few weeks of nausea, and a fast delivery compared to most.  Keira joined us earth side in a fast and furious manner but in the most beautiful way. I feel so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives. God honored us by giving her to us so that we may care for and raise her into the wonderful person she is destined to be. 

My due date was November 22, 2018. Just so happens to be Thanksgiving day.  About 3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, at one of my weekly checkups, I asked my Doctor if he was planning on staying in town for Thanksgiving. To my shock he replied no, he was going to be gone the entire week of Thanksgiving. Now, it wasn't the end of the world, as he has other wonderful doctors in his practice group but as you near delivery and are comfortable and close with your doctor who is familiar with your pregnancy and you personally, you really want him to be the one that delivers your baby. 

No sooner did he say he was going to be gone before he said we will just schedule to induce me one week early.  Within an hour I was confirmed to check into the hospital at 5am on November 15th.  But of course, he planned to see me the following week when he would check me to see progress towards my body being ready for delivery. 

Fast forward a week and I was 1.5-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Not enough but we still had a week.  Then a day or two later I lost my mucas plug which I had never previously noticed with either of the boys. I also had my bloody show at this point so I went into panic mode that I needed to get my life in order and get ready for this baby. I did not have my bags packed, I did not have everything lined up for the boys care, I hadn't purchased and delivered the Thanksgiving party items to Colton's school etc.  The list was long and I was starting to sweat.  Mind you, this is all days before Bronson's birthday on the 10th of November and I really wanted to be able to celebrate him before all the craziness of a new baby entered our lives.  Then, when one day turned into two, turned into several and she hadn't yet arrived so, I started breathing easier.  

On the 12th I went in for another check up.  Unfortunately, after my doctor checked me I had not made any additional progress.  At this point he said he wanted me to go into the hospital on the night of the 14th for cervidil, something I had never really heard of prior to this pregnancy and really knew little about other than a few horror stories.  My doctor assured me this was the right path to getting everything prepared for delivery and thus, we arrived at the hospital at 8pm on the 14th. 

We quickly got checked in and started the cervidil at just after 10.  It's a small applicator with a lubricant on the end that mimics the bodies natural ability to thin the cervix.  The process is 12 hours long with the first hour or so required to be on complete bed rest to allow the medication to not only do its work but to ensure the applicator doesn't move away from behind the cervix. By 1am I was already feeling strong contractions such that the nurse started me on an IV to help slow and space out the contractions in order to allow the cervidil time to thin my cervix.  The IV helped and I was able to sleep from 1-3am.  Then from 3 until 6am I was suffering through some strong and close contractions.  I wanted Kevin to have a chance to get as much sleep as possible and I knew that if the nurse checked me for sufficient progress she would have to remove the applicator.  If I hadn't made enough progress we would have to start the whole process again and I didn't want to be there longer than necessary. So I suffered in silence until I could bare no more. 

Finally at 6am I was in SO much pain I needed her to check me and see if I was far enough along to get an epidural.  When she checked I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced.  She called my doctor to see if he wanted to check me, start on pitocin and/or break my water. He told the nurse he would come in to check me and break my water and that he would be there at 7am.  I was cleared for an epidural and my 6:30 the anesthesiologist was in giving me the shot.  Almost instantly I could feel the relief on one side but just as instantly, I could then feel all the contractions and paid centralized in one small area on my lower left side of my stomach.  The paid was intense to say the least.  The nurse rolled me onto one side in hopes of letting gravity help in moving the medicine through me faster but by 6:45 it was clear that no numbness was coming my way and I was in PAIN.  9/10 level pain.  Curled up in the fetal position and crying type of pain.  The nurse called the anesthesiologist to come back in.  We were hoping to catch him before 7:30 C-sections.  

My doctor arrived at 7 but seeing me in my state of pain and knowing the anesthesiologist was coming back said he would wait to check me.  I got a little more medicine just after 7 and thinking that we had some time and that the doctor was only going to break my water the nurse told Kevin he would be fine leaving the room to get some coffee.  At this point the room was fairly full with various nurses prepping to help the doctor, me and the baby. When the doctor came in to check me and break my water he instantly said "oh, we're about to have a baby". I had quickly gone from 5cm to 10cm dilated and from 80% to 100% effaced which explained my severe pain in just a matter of 15 minutes. My doctor quickly asked where Kevin was and the nurse handed me my phone saying call him because we're about to have a baby.  

Minutes later and without coffee in hand, Kevin was back in the room.  My water was broken and with the very next contraction I started pushing. I pushed 3 times at which point I could see her head and the doctor suctioning her nose and mouth.  With one last and very small push she was out and in my arms.  Her tiny fingers and tiny toes were beyond perfect.  She had just a dusting of dark brown hair and these pretty blue eyes.  I couldn't how tiny she was. It all happened so fast but was in no way a blur.  I was able to soak it all in. To experience it like I hadn't quite with either of the boys.  I was much more present probably because of experience and probably because I knew this was never going to happen again. 

Unfortunately, this time around the anesthesia made me terribly sick and I threw up several times including a few hours later after I thought I was fine and had just eaten breakfast.  My parents made it into town and were able to come see us in the delivery room before being transferred to a recovery room.  To say they were excited for a granddaughter would be an understatement.  She, Kevin and I spent the night in hospital where they did all their tests on her and I, gave her a sponge bath and then we were cleared to go.  I've never been one who wanted to linger in the hospital. I much prefer the comfort of home and not having to be woken up every couple of hours to have my blood pressure monitored.  I especially wanted to get home to see the boys and introduce them to their new sister.  I had hoped and planned for them to come to the hospital but, to my surprise and bad luck, the hospital had deemed the 15th the start of flu season thus, prohibiting any kids from coming in the maternity ward, even family.  


fresh 48

one day new
Outfit | Carseat  

going home


Jammies are Little Sleepies

girl nursery
Crib | Dress | Sign is Rustic Eve | Mural is Minnie & Me Interiors


baby girl bedding

Swaddle is Beluga Baby | Handband is Think Pink

I can't believe it has already been three months and that she has seamlessly woven herself into our heart. I already can't remember what life was like without her and I don't ever want to.  I am so glad I took notes at the hospital about what transpired during her birth because days turn into weeks that turn into years and you forget the small things.  Now I have this constant record of one of my favorite days.


Go From Day to Night with a Simple Change of Top

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Day to night is as simple as a change of top and I have two great options coming your way!

chevron color blocking

During the day I am always running. Either errands, stuff for the restaurants, or after 1 to 3 kids! Literally, always running.  So most days you'll find me in jeans and a tee shirt.  I'm all about function and comfort.  I love the material of this one and the color blocking. Plus, I love that it's a simple chevron style print which gives interest but doesn't make it too busy.  The red, white and blue makes it great from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Wear with any color jeans or cut offs for a cute casual look.  Comes in 5 different color combinations (the blush has my heart too) and its under $10!! There's a stretch to the fabric and it's thicker than a basic t-shirt but fits TTS.

casual tee
I'm a sucker for all things lace. Especially white lace. There is something so classic, elegant and beautiful about it.  This top is such good quality for the price! It also comes in a pretty navy color that I think I'm going to have to grab! I'm wearing a small and it fits TTS.  The white has a lite sheer to it but a nude colored bra or a cami makes it easy to wear.

lace details

lace blouse

It may still be freezing cold outside but I'm all about stocking up on some Spring items now in hopes of wishing warmer weather into existence. I'm always finding great buys for a fraction of the price at Shein. Plus, you can get an extra 15% with code Q1jewelryandjeans15. Be sure to share what you pick out, I'd love to see!


January Favorites!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

After the holidays I love cleaning house and starting fresh.  After a few weeks I'm right back in the mood for another holiday and Valentie's Day this year is a little sweeter with this little love. This fun sweater is so darn sweet with hearts on the back of each elbow.  It's a great winter sweater since it has a heavy knit and a turtleneck. It runs true to size and has a good length, I can easy do a front tuck if necessary.

Leopard is one of my favorite neutrals.  I think it goes with everything but adds a splash of fun to any outfit.  This blazer can easily be added to an all black or basic outfit.  It has a silky texture material and fits true to size.  It's a bold look due to the fabric and style so know that you need to be prepared to really stand out.  If this is too much for your taste, try incorporating leopard in a smaller piece or a pattern that is muted in tone rather than loud, like this blazer

If you're looking for an easy, basic, comfy, throw on and go sweater, then this is the one for you.  This color block sweater comes in three color combinations and is super easy to wear. I'm a sucker for army green but almost opted for the blush pink one.

Lots of great options for winter and transitioning into Spring over at Shein and you can get 15% off everything with code: Q1jewelrynjeans15 Do share if you pick up any favorite pieces yourself!  


Sleeping Essentials for Newborn Babies

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Adding another person into the house but not any additional square feet to said house has definitely made me have to rethink some of the baby essentials for Miss K.  When the boys were born we had a pack-n-play with a bassinet attachment but that thing was so big and bulky.  I couldn't move it from room to room without completely disassembling it and thus, I found us not really using it. Insert 2018 smarter products for babies! 

Man what a difference 5-6 years can make in the world of baby products.  If I didn't just have Keira and hadn't actually tried these sleep products I wouldn't know how much smarter things have gotten. I can say from 6 weeks of experience these three products are my top sleep essentials and they are night and day different from what I used with the boys. 

I like Keira to be right next to my side of the bed so that for those non-feeding moments I could easily touch or provide a paci without needing to get up and out of bed.  Since we added some furniture to our room and shifted our bed over there is no longer adequate space on my side to fit a bulky piece.  This time around I knew I wanted something more useful and practical.  Insert the Arms Reach bassinet.  This is the Versatile and it's compact in all the right ways.  My hands down favorite feature is the legs and how it can roll under my bed thus, allowing her and the bassinet to sit atop my bed if I want.  The height adjusts too so if I want her flush with my bed I can lower it too. It doesn't take up a ton of the room and isn't an eye sore.  I got the white but they have a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.  

I typically use the Arms Reach with the Dock-A-Tot grand nestled inside it.  It fits like a glove and I love how it snuggles her. It's also great for when I want her near me while awake but don't want the fear of her rolling over or the boys being too rough.  I can easily move it to the couch or my bed and I know she is well protected.  The bottom also has a snap so I can open it as she grows. Once she gets big enough they have another size up that can accommodate her.  The Dock-A-Tot is great for traveling too.  I can bring it as an easy bed for her at grandmas or if we vacation since she isn't yet mobile.  The cover makes it super easy to clean and it's beautiful to look at.  It's refreshing how baby products have become sleek and modern rather than all pale colors and farm animals. They have several different colors and patterns to choose from as well. 

We have always been big fans of swaddling and with the boys we used muslin swaddles.  While they are soft they didn't work that great from a swaddle position because the boys were strong enough to bust out of them nearly every night.  I had heard great things about the Ollie and that the velcro would make it fool proof for anyone to do but I was still hesitant that it would contain those flailing arms.  It's actually the easiest and fast swaddle and if done with just a touch of tightness holds her in without fail.  The fabric has a little stretch and I just wrap it tight across her chest, secure the three rows of velcro down her body and she is snug as a bug in a rug.  I can lay her anywhere and she will sleep.  I've tried to have her nap without the Ollie a few times and it has not been very successful so we are thankful for it!

She is currently 8 weeks and last night slept from 8pm until 5am! This trio is seriously a life saver since my boys didn't sleep that long of a stretch until month 4!! Can't wait until it's a full 12 hours. What are you're favorite, must have sleep essentials for newborns?


I received products in exchange for this post but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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