Jewelry & Jeans: Making Memories With Perfurme

Making Memories With Perfurme

Monday, November 26, 2018

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.  I was paid for this post and received the included fragrances and perfumes as compensation. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Just like with music or pictures, a scent can definitely invoke a memory from a moment in time.  Your senses are able to connect the time and events together without anything else, bringing you back to those events as if you were actually living it out live.  I love how we have that ability and I love that for each moment of time you can help capture it and make it last for ever by just changing the perfume or cologne you're wearing.

When I first met Kevin he wore a cologne I'd never smelt before and whenever he wears it I can still think back to the early days of law school in his tiny little apartment, studying criminal law or torts or some other subject I quickly forgot post bar. While that time wasn't the most glamorous or the most fun because, lets face it, school can be tough, when I come back to that smell I can reminisce about a time that definitely had an impact and left so many great memories.

Then, when we got married, he wore a different fragrance marking a significantly different period in our lives.  When he purchased a scent for me just a few years ago I loved that it was something he loved smelling.  Now I can't wear it without thinking of him and nearly each time I do I get a compliment from him. There really is something powerful within our senses, particularly smell.  Plus, giving fragrances or cologne is not only a thoughtful but also enjoyable and simple way of showing a significant other that you care and are thinking of them.

I believe that finding the right scent for your loved ones is just as important as finding the right scent for yourself.  Sometimes having another person pick out something they enjoy is better than you guessing what smells nice on you and vice versa.  I recently helped Kevin pick out a new cologne from the Kohl's.   We spent quite a while testing out all the options in the Kohl's perfume section and we both really liked Hugo Boss. Specifically the BOSS The Scent cologne.  It has a savored scent with hints of ginger and fruit but also an undertone of leather making it very masculine and seductive but not too strong.

Now knowing that it's something we both really enjoy I think it makes gift giving this holiday so much easier.  Kohl's carries a huge assortment of fragrance gift sets including one with Hugo Boss The Scent and its under $100.

I too wanted in on something new for the holidays. Searching for something that wasn't too floral or fresh but not too musky either I was so pleasantly surprised by the line of women's perfumes by Lacoste.  Torn between the Magnetic and the Natural I ultimately went with exactly what I initially wanted, something soft and sweet but not over powering, the Natural.  He loved the light and airy tones of fruits, rose and jasmine.  I enjoyed the subtle hints of coconut cream making it a great addition to my everyday routine.

As you start to think about what to do for those special people in your life, think when the last time was they updated their scent and how much a smell can bring you both closer.  Be sure to check out all the options available at Kohl's and making holiday shopping that much easier on yourself this year.


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