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Baby Girl's Name Reveal

Sunday, November 11, 2018

And just like that 38 weeks have come and gone.  This pregnancy was so different from the others in so many ways. Particularly in my mind set.  I wasn't in a hurry, I didn't feel anxious.  I took my time to enjoy the little things.  Now, don't get me wrong. It was not all rainbows and sunshine but, there is just something different knowing it's the last one.  The last time to feel the miraculous little kicks, the last time to see a sonogram or hear that sweet heartbeat for the first time.  I was so excited to have a girl and couldn't wait to start on her nursery.  Surprisingly, we were not in any hurry to land on a name.  Maybe, 

it was because we hand a name from back when I was pregnant with Colton, before we knew we were having a boy, or maybe it was because we knew this time around a name wasn't needed as week 16. Lol.  Either way we would constantly remind each other we should really talk about a name for baby girl but weeks would go by.  Then finally around month 6 or 7 we sat down and went through names. Each one was just not right in comparison to the one we both feel in love with 6 years ago.  So, after a 100 no's we looked at each other and said, why are we not going with Keira.  It was a name we've always loved.  In line with the boys, it's a name that isn't super common but not so unique people chew on it when trying to say it.  Also in keeping with the boy's name, we decided to make her middle name a family name, Marianna. It is my mother's name as well as, my middle name. 

On the other hand, I was anxious to finish the nursery.  While I spent weeks planning and shopping for how I could bring to life the vision in my head, it seemed like progress was slow going.  We've had this little corner in the nursery that is flanked by the bedroom door and the bathroom door but it is a perfect place for toys and books.  When I found this bookshelf from Delta Children I knew it would fit great and was the perfect addition to the space.  

The open shelves of the Gateway Ladder Shelf give it a modern feel and the white and grey contrast beautifully.  My favorite part is the built in storage bin helping to keep toys organized and out of the way.  I had so much fun styling the shelves and I'm sure I will rearrange these a dozen more times before she comes.   

Did you have a hard time or easy time naming your babies? By all accounts we had an easy time with all three kids. Neither of us were dead set on a name that the other liked.  It was usually just a matter of one of us being confirmed in advance of the other one but we always came around.


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