Jewelry & Jeans: Boys Day at The Great American Barbershop

Boys Day at The Great American Barbershop

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We had the sweet opportunity a few months ago to do something really fun for Kevin and the boys.  A sort of bonding if you will.  For the first 10 years together I always cut Kevin’s hair. Not that I’m any kind of expert or even trained for that matter but, with an instruction one time and a little bit of grace I figured it out and it was always pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Plus, the price was right. But styles change and time is valuable so....

Then Kevin went and decided he wanted a style that was a little more technical than my skills allowed for and with two little boys, whose hair I also cut, he started going to a stylist.  Since both boys have had hair since birth I’ve cut their hair many of times.  It always seemed easier than hauling them to an appointment and hoping that sat still and didn’t get upset.  But since they have both gotten older, hair longer/thicker, and have their own unique personalities I jumped at the chance to get them into the barber chair for something much more professional. The Great American Barbershop trimmed the boys up in the best of fashion.  

Here's a pic of them before.  Definitely a little scruffy and shaggy!

They loved sitting in the big boy chairs and getting pampered.  I’m not just talking great cuts but hand massagers too.  Both stylists were super engaging and sweet with the boys.  They talked them through the processes.  Kev opted for a proper shave, as they call it, with a straight edge. They got us right in, the whole team was so nice and they offer tons of great products (salon grade). Kevin's new favorite product is the Reuzel promade that they sell. Pretty sure the boys’ favorite part were the lollipops that got to enjoy when they were all done.

Looking so fresh with their summer cuts!

The Great American Barbershop is a great franchise opportunity for anyone who wants to offer great style at affordable prices.  You don’t have to have ever picked up a pair of scissors before.  Opportuities are available in CA and FL and likely nationwide soon. You can find out more at If you’re looking for a great salon for the hubs or the kiddos I definitely do recommend giving TGAB a try.  You won’t regret it.



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