Jewelry & Jeans: Holiday Styles For Guys with Patrick James & 3 Tips for Shopping for Guys

Holiday Styles For Guys with Patrick James & 3 Tips for Shopping for Guys

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kevin's Sweater Shirt Jeans  
As a lover of all things shopping related, shopping for my guy is no different.  Not that I'm an expert but I have learned a few things over the years.  Now I do have to admit that as long as I've known Kevin he has always had a definite style voice and never needed any input from me. (Not that that stops me!) But with a busy career, a restaurant and two kids, time to shop is almost nonexistent.  Even more so during the holiday season. Between family and friends we have events that take up nearly every weekend and most weeknights.  So getting stylish pieces for the Holidays is a must and I've figured out 3 key tips to use when shopping for the men in my life.

1. Find the right fit- Kevin is nearly 6'3" and has a fairly long torso, long and lean. So, I always look for pieces that are slim fit. Clothes that fit properly look better. Always!  Whether it can be purchased trim fit or altered accordingly the right fit makes such a difference.

2. Stick to His Favorite Brands- Certain brands are tried and true.  Some of Kevin's favorite brands are his go-tos because he knows they will fit his long arms and legs without compromising style or he likes them because they are quality made.  They stand the test of time, wash well or hold their shape. All important factors when considering what to buy and where.

We stopped into Patrick James in Fig Garden Village last week to pick out some chic menswear for all of this month's festivities. Patrick James has impeccable, classic pieces and a host of modern styles.  They not only offer the premium pieces from brands like Peter Millar, Scott Barber, and Tommy Bahama but casual, modern styles from brands like AG.  The selection is vast and ranges from pajama to business professional. They carry a wide range of shoes, accessories and personal hygiene items to complete any look.  If fine menswear is what you're after they have both rentals and custom made options available with a tailor onsite.

3. Shop with Options- Men's styles don't tend to change as drastically or as frequently as women's.  Yes, the cut of pants, the number of buttons on a suit or the width of ties have evolved over time.  New seasons bring new shoe designs or great new accessories but for some things there is no substitute for the classics.  However, you don't want to be stuck with the same thing season after season. Update his wardrobe and try to venture out with those new cuts or styles.  Buy multiples, choose variety.  Men tend to get stuck in more of a rut.  Give him options.

When I buy for Kevin I often buy something safe that is along the lines of something he usually wears but I also pick out a few pieces that may be outside his box.  Having options encourages him to try new things. Maybe a color combination he wouldn't typically wear for instance.  This past week we tried several different sweaters. Something that can be dressed up or down considering the purpose.  I have always loved a chunky shawl collar sweater for a guy but Kev spotted this desert dunes sweater and it was something just a little different.

We went in thinking we would check out the dinner jackets because that's something Kevin wears all the time with jeans or slacks and is good for work and play. When we go out to nice dinners or when we celebrate special occasions.  But Patrick James has such a wonderful selection of men's shirts and sweaters.

Since Kevin is in a dress shirt every day of the week I was very interested in Patrick James' custom shirts which are based on an algorithm and adjusted to give them a personal fit like no other.  They have so many color and print choices to choose from and they're made in just over a week.  Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

They also have a HUGE assortment of dress and casual button downs available.  We both loved the fall/winter feel of THIS plaid shirt Kevin picked out.  They had several of the quintessential holiday plaid shirts as well which we always gravitate towards because nothing says the holidays quite like tartan plaid.  I like that Kevin's look is clean, chic and a little a-typical for holiday wear.  It works for more than just this Christmas season but for any holiday you may be celebrating this time of year; from Thanksgiving to Easter.

If you are in need of a wardrobe refresh or looking for a gift for the guys in your life you really need to save yourself the hassle of digging through left overs.  Patrick James not only has a beautiful store but really helpful staff, plus they gift wrap for you. Win, Win! You can shop the store in Fresno within the Fig Garden Village shopping center located at 780 W Shaw.  They are open 9am -7pm M-F, and they open 10am-9pm all weekend for those last minute gifts.

In exchange for this post I did receive products however, all products were personally selected by me and all opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.

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