Jewelry & Jeans: Cutest Corduroy Dress & My Podcast Reviews

Cutest Corduroy Dress & My Podcast Reviews

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

If you've listened to my IG stories you know I've talked a bit about the different podcasts I have loved and tried.  I've gotten some questions about them so I thought it would be helpful if I put my thoughts into a post for referral.  The common theme is that all of the below podcasts are crime thrillers.  I clearly have a type. I'm sharing all the ones I've listened to lately and my take on each. Plus, how cute is the corduroy jumper? I mean!! Paired with a sweater and tights and it's great now and works into Spring.

Serial: A true story about a murder and a trial that has already taken place.  The host goes through all of the evidence presented and investigates the case herself shedding light on additionally information that was not shared during the trial.  I definitely have feelings on the guilt or innocence of the person convicted and interestingly enough that person's case is up for a retrial.  A must listen.

Up & Vanished: A true story about a missing Georgia woman whose case had gone cold for over 12 years.  The host, being from Georgia, decided to investigate the facts on his own, talked to anyone involved or who knew her and tried to uncover the truth about her disappearance.  During the actual taping of the podcast two arrests were made for the murder of this women. It isn't certain but most all involved credit the life the podcast gave to the case to assist in the arrests of two men.  A must listen.

Dirty John: The real life story of a woman and her relationship with a serial con-man.  The story talks all about how the relationship started, the events that occurred during their relationship and what was learned after the fact.  This con-man got in so deep and it ended tragically.  And while I personally don't understand some of the actions that occurred in continuing the relationship, I don't presume to understand or judge the love another person feels.  A must listen.

Already Gone: Each episode is a quick synopsis of the facts surrounding a the missing, the lost, the mysterious and the murdered. All are about people in Michigan. They are usually about 15-20 minutes long which makes for a quick story if time is of the essence.   They are done well but don't give me the detail, the twists, turns, and suspense that a single story can give when the host really digs in deep.  Take it or leave it.

S Town: The story of a uniquely interesting individual in Alabama that writes to a podcast host, Brian Reed, about an unpunished murder in his small town.  When the host comes to start digging into the story he discovers there really was no murder at all but, the story doesn't end there.  The relationship between Brian and John, the local, and the story of John and his fascinating life take center stage, until it doesn't.  Not at all what I expected and at moments I wasn't sure but in the end I say, worth a listen.

My Favorite Murder: Two lifelong fans of true crime who discuss their favorite crime stories and listen to those of friends and fans.  The hosts just babble on in my opinion.  There is no depth put into talking about the crime stories. That, or I just really didn't give them a long enough listen but I couldn't stay engaged any longer than I did.  Skip this.


  1. Oohhh these sound so good! I am a fan of crime/thrillers. I love your outfit. It's so cute and minimal and definitely my style!

  2. This outfit is so cute. Love the mustard corduroy mini dress and it looks amazing on your fit body. It also reminds me that I have a similar dress in burgundy. You styled yours so well.

    Welcome by today and every Thursday to share your gorgeous style by linking up with me. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Ada. =)

  3. This jumper is PERFECT and looks so good on you! I need to start listening to a few of these - I love good suspense options:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

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