Jewelry & Jeans: Sweater Dress [ From Day to Night]

Sweater Dress [ From Day to Night]

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Switching up an outfit can be as easy as adding a different jacket and a good pair of heels.  Simple changes can make a big difference and can impact the end statement you're trying to make.  Talking all things day to night below, just click through.

When I worked in an office, I wore suits and often went straight from work to an event or to meet friends and didn't want to have that stuffy, buttoned up look.  I'd throw on jeans or a chic jacket and a pretty lip. That doesn't mean you have to start with a simple outfit that you add to in order to make it functional.  Sometime a bold look, like this stripe sweater dress, is just as easy to camelion into something wildly different.

Sweater dresses are perfect for fall and with a few layers it works into winter.  I paired it with this long cardigan and some western style booties.  I wanted a casual but put together look.  Something I could run around in, get lunch with the girls or even hang with my boys in.  The key to this cardigan is the length.  It works because it's hem is matched closely with the length of the dress.  A traditional short cardigan would not have been proportional. These booties are incredibly comfortable and the silver details add a splash of something fun.

I went to the Bruno Mars concert a few weeks back and I threw on this same dress but added my favorite block heeled boots. The prettiest booties eva! Adding THIS chic biker jacket gives it an edgy look and dresses it up for the night.  It's amazing what a change in shoes or the difference between a nude and bold lip can drastically change a look. I like the fact that THIS jacket is a fabulous dupe of the popular Nordstrom jacket but for a fraction of the price.


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