Jewelry & Jeans: A Fall Classic & Tips for Adding Layers

A Fall Classic & Tips for Adding Layers

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Our temps have finally dropped into the 50s and 60s and I'm loving it.  Not super cold but definitely cooler.  Perfect for layers. I love light layers. Layers allow you to play with textures, mixing patterns and adding more colors to your look. Today's look is a simple, classic outfit of winter white, tan and navy blue.  That combination is chic and traditional and the navy could easily be switched out for black, hunter green or burgundy.

When layering, think about two major factors; size and fit.  It's important that the under layer isn't too big but rather fitted.  You don't want added bulk that the top layer has to go over.  Keep it tailored and the finished product will come off polished.  Whether the top layer is a vest or a sweater again remember proportion.  A lighter, thinner vest works really nicely over a knit sweater or something with texture.  A thicker vest is great for a plaid button up or a light sweater.  You don't want to double up on the thicker pieces for fear of adding unflattering bulk to your frame.

Since the temperatures are still pretty mild, I paired this look with my favorite fall skirt.  Just a really good, multi functional tan skirt.  Jeans can easily be swapped in too and my over the knee boots work either way.  Riding boots would have been super cute too.  These ones are my favorite.

How was everyone's Halloween.  We took the kids to a friends for our annual walk together.  Colton was Kylo Ren (a Star Wars character) and Bronson was a policeman, kind of hard to believe since he's usually the bad guy! The kids loved every second, what's not to love thought, right?  They got to walk with lots of friend, ate WAY too much candy and stayed up well past their bedtime.  I felt bad for their teachers the next day.  Not gonna lie, I ate WAY too much candy too.  If you know me well you know I am NOT a fan of chocolate. I just don't like the taste.  I suffer through it if caramel, nuts or something else tasty is included.


  1. What a gorgeous Fall look and your hair is looking so beautiful. I own a similar-colored skirt - isn't that color perfect for Fall?! Love your boots and vest too.

    Looking great. Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday to linkup with me. <3 Ada.

  2. The skirt is pretty awesome ! Lovely photos as always.

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  4. Rema, thank you for joining in the Turning Heads Tuesday linkup. I host it every week and i would love for you to continue to join in! i enjoy meeting new people too. This is a lovely outfit ! The blue vest with the camel skirt looks great, i love to layer in the Fall, and those oTK boots gorgeous on you!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  5. What a cute look! I love that blue vest with those other colors.


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