Jewelry & Jeans: Simple Ways to Add Style to a Basic Tee

Simple Ways to Add Style to a Basic Tee

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I virtually live in jeans and a t-shirt. Being at the restaurant all day, it's my uniform. As a mom, it's my uniform. So, needless to say I have a lot and there's nothing wrong with it on the day to day but, at times I don't want to wear a basic tee and sneakers.  I have two simple ways I add style to my basic everyday wear to make it feel fresh.

1. I tie it in a knot. I know this sounds basic but it's a really easy way to define your waist, give interest to your otherwise plain top and it's plain fun.  I never say never when it comes to a knotted tie.  I love tying my shirts on the side as well as in the middle.  It really just depends on the mood but either way I don't believe you can go wrong.

2. I pair it with fun shoes.  Whether it be bow flats, tassel slides, colorful mules, the possibilities are endless but it goes a long way towards dressing up the look and making it interesting rather than the same old, same old.

I'm loving these pretty blue cross front slide on mules.  They are such a fun shade of blue (they also come in cream) and the heel always makes me feel more dressed up than I really am.

The shirt I'm wearing has really sweet dotted detailing around the neck and sleeves and I got it from shop Pink Blush.  They have great basics as well as pretty statement pieces and they are all very comfortable and easy to wear.  You can see their line HERE.


  1. Simply stylish! LOve your top!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know that how can we add an element of style in our day to day plain and boring T shirt. You did a very good job. Keep it up!


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