Jewelry & Jeans: The Sweetest Pink Gingham Dress

The Sweetest Pink Gingham Dress

Friday, July 28, 2017

I love a good pattern and the gingham pattern on this dress is too sweet.  It's a soft pink color and has a free easy cut making it really comfortable. I love the cutout detail that is modest but still playful along the middle.  The off the shoulder addition makes this dress stand out as something unique but I will be honest, it is also a bit restricting.  It you're looking for a dress to wear to a wedding with lots of dancing, I would recommend you skip it. You won't be able to move your arms sufficiently. However, if you're looking for something nice to wear to date night or a bridal shower then this would be a great option.

Earlier this week I took an impromptu trip to the coast with the boys. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece were in San Luis Obispo for a conference she was attending.  My mother-in-law went over for the whole week to be with them and I thought, why not get the cousins all together. Now, traveling with two littles is no easy task. About an hour and a half in and Bronson was losing his mind.  I already had a movie playing, given up every snack option I had packed and let him have all the books available. The books quickly got dis-guarded, the movie less than entertained him and the snacks were scattered all over his sit in a matter of seconds! No joke. It was a rough drive over but luckily getting to see everyone and play quickly changed all that.

The weather was great, a welcome change to the triple digits. Everyone stayed at the cutest little hotel called the Apple Farm.  This hotel has so much character. Flowers and succulents everywhere, a big water wheel and waterfall that the boys loved. Happy hour, that us adults loved. The boys got to play with their uncle and I got to get all the snuggles I could have asked for with my sweet niece who has the most beautiful ice blue eyes you've ever seen.  Kevin asked if it got my fix of baby girl in and I said No! It only furthered that desire! But in all honesty, there were moments that I could barely keep a handle on the boys let alone add a third child into the mix. I must be cray cray.


  1. Loving all the details on that dress!! Such good advice about where to wear it, too :)

  2. This is such an elegant look…I love the dress! Gorgeous look!

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