Jewelry & Jeans: Bodysuit and Fringe

Bodysuit and Fringe

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I can still remember back when I was 8 and lived in bodysuits.  I never thought that they'd make the come back that they have and that I'd rekindle my affliction for them like I have.  I mean, who doesn't like a top that always looks perfectly tucked in?  This camo body suit is so soft and fits true to size.  I love the easy wear ability and the camo print is great for casual days.  I paired them with an ultra light pair of cropped denim with fringe hem details.  These jeans are perfect for spring with an ankle length crop and the fun frayed hem adds just the right amount of fun to any look.  I whipped out this fantastic fringe bag and love this outfit for an easy to wear look.  

Another easy to wear look is my new favorite messy pony.  For those days when you just can't wash your hair (or don't want to- no judgment) this pony is the way to go.  I recently discovered the best new product for texturing my hair to give it that messy, undone look. The best part is you don't have to ruin your hair in the process.  Gone are the days of back combing and teasing.  This stuff is literally a tease in a bottle.  I added my favorite Irresistible Me extensions before I threw it up in order to give my pony a little more body and volume.  I used the small clip wefts and straightened them before angling them into my hair.  It adds that extra ump that makes it look ultra full. You can easily add more or less depending on how full you like it.  These extensions are so easy to clip in and out.  I opted for the longer length but have trimmed about a 1/3 of them so that I have more versatility. Extensions are the easiest way to completely transform a look without any commitment.  I love mine. 

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