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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Look at Stacy showing off! Splits!

Much lower than I expected was possible. I won't show you how hard it was for me to get out of this stretch!!

Once upon a time I was super flexible.  Never mind that I was also young, energetic and lived a lifestyle with so much more activity. Over time, I have become less active and as a result less flexible. When I started working with the great instructors at Verve I commented that one of the things I would really love to improve upon was my flexibility.

Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno offers so many classes, including a great stretch class.  Whether you are trying to increase your personal Gumby like qualities, or you are an avid running or such, stretching is a crucial part of fitness.  The risk of injury is lessened and the recovery of muscle strain is improved. The more flexible I am the more control I have and the greater my range of motion.  Plus, there are very few things that feel as therapeutic as a good, deep stretch.

I like to schedule my stretch class after a week of good bodhi and reformer classes.  It's a nice way to wrap up the week and help my sore muscles recover.  Stacy starts you off in a basic stretch as a benchmark and ends in the same stretch.  Its amazing how an hour with her changes one's flexibility immensely.  Stacy walks you through stretches of all the major body parts, each better than the next. Plus, she walked me through a few really spectacular stretches and showed off her incredible abilities. A few more classes and I may be there too!

Whether you're an athlete of epic proportion or allergic to exercise, Verve has something that will work well for you and I promise you'll walk away feeling better because of it. You can check out all of their classes HERE.


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