Jewelry & Jeans: Home Accents for the Holidays

Home Accents for the Holidays

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December is my favorite month for so many reasons, one of which is all the pretty decor.  I love getting to transform my home into a beautiful Christmas display. Lots of deep red and gold going on. Simple touches like a new door mat to accompany the wreath or pillows on the couch really make a statement but don't require a ton of work or break the bank.  Some years I like to go all out and others I do more of a minimal amount of decor.  Last year, I had just had Bronson so we kept it very simple. This year, I was ready to deck the halls starting November 1.  Ha! However, since we store most of our decor in the attic, I'm at the mercy of my husband and at this juncture, 60% remains unseen. 

Whether you're like me and may need to buy a few things or if you are just looking to refresh what you have this round up of home accents is sure to add that festive touch.   Scroll through the lookbooks for lots of great options.  Happy Decorating! 


  1. Love all of your holiday accent picks! We've already finished decorating but now I want more after looking at your list - ha! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

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