Jewelry & Jeans: Clothed in Motivation

Clothed in Motivation

Friday, December 16, 2016

Nothing motivates me into a good work out like new clothes. Anyone else like that?  There's something about a new outfit that gets me excited and eager to actually go and sweat. Two things I always look for in fitness attire are; flexibility and breathability. First and foremost, I need to be able to move. I hate when clothes shift, especially pants. My preference is fitted, high waisted pants and I'm loving the mesh panels that are found everywhere now. 

These grey pants are so comfortable and don't ride up or pinch regardless of what I'm doing. They wick away any moisture which is a major plus and they suck me in. Win, Win!  A good sports bra is key as well.  Mixing up my workouts from high intensity some days, to slow and steady the next requires good support.  Adding color and print in a sports bra is a perfect way to add pizzazz to your workout without calling too much attention. Most important is how you feel.  If you feel good about yourself you're more liking to exude confidence, stick with a routine and keep motivated.  If some new clothes help to give you that added little boost then I say, happy shopping. But sometimes all you need is a really great place to work out or class that you love.

Over a month ago if you would have asked me about a Bodhi class I would have guessed you were speaking another language or looked at you perplexingly if you asked me about doing work on a reformer.  Both were completely new to me. Pilates as a concept wasn't new but I had never tried a class. In fact, I didn't know what Pilates really involved until I started working out at Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno.  After being there over a month now, I feel as if I've graduated from novice to intermediate. 

I love the various types of classes offered from Bodhi and Reformer to mat and stretch.  There's definitely something for everyone.  Each teacher is knowledgeable and attentive.  The classes are super intimate so it feels as if you're getting one on one attention every single time but if you want to have even more attention to detail paid to you, Verve offers amazing private sessions with the owner and master trainer Millie O'Brien.  

Millie has been doing Pilates for over a decade. She started as a student of the practice to help her recover and repair her body as a runner.  She opened Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno in 2013, right next  and now offers various practices and teacher certifications. Her love of Pilates is apparent from the moment you walk in her studio.  The studio is calming, relaxing and fully equipped with the newest machines and ancillary items to make each class different and challenging in the best way.  Be sure to like Verve Pilates Studio of Fresno on Facebook and get working on a better you in time for all those Holiday parties. 


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