Jewelry & Jeans: The Perfect Comfy Look For Fall

The Perfect Comfy Look For Fall

Monday, November 21, 2016

Is it just me or does the time change and the cooler nights call for casual and comfy attire? I've been reaching for those effortless styles more and more.  K and I were out walking the other day and I grabbed this sweatshirt because well, look at it! 

You know what's better than comfy clothes, comfy clothes that look good. When we are going back and forth between watching football and running errands there are days I don't even want to change out of my pajamas and then there are times when I've got on my Sunday best. This side zip pull-over is a great happy medium.  It has all the comfort of a sweatshirt but with style.  The two zippers are placed just on the sides at a slight angle, to give a more flattering look when opened or not.  Plus, it comes in 5 colors which you can see HERE! It's been selling out fast so don't wait. 

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