Jewelry & Jeans: Totally 90's {4 Ways to Rock A 90's Look}

Totally 90's {4 Ways to Rock A 90's Look}

Monday, October 24, 2016

90's fashion

fall fashion

90's look

corduroy mini
stripes and corduroy
fall staple
mule and mini

modern 90's fashion

Anyone else in a little denial that all of our 90's styles are coming back?  I was slow to jump back on the band wagon of corduroy and chokers but these trends aren't leaving anytime soon and with a slightly edgier flare they are improved versions of our younger selves.  Since I'm loving anything maroon I couldn't resist this corduroy mini skirt that is under $20.  It's a good staple piece too since I can wear boots and a sweater with it just as easily.  I threw on a beige cable knit the other day and it was a pretty combination. Can't wait until it's cooler and I can pair it with my OTK boots. Another staple is a simple black and white striped Tee which goes with everything. It's a good layering piece too. 

This look makes me feel like a teenager again and I don't mind that one bit.  Which is so funny because when I actually was a teenager, I couldn't wait to be all grown up.  Man, what we don't know when we are young! 

If you're looking to test the waters with some 90's inspired trends but aren't sure you want to dive right in, I suggest starting with one of the following:
  • Tie a flannel/plaid shirt around your waist.  Perfect for fall days when the mornings are cool but the afternoons warm up
  • Round sunglasses.  Accessories are an easy way to transition. Round sunglasses were small and petite in the 90's, opt for something more proportionate to your face now. 
  • Choker- try a modern metal choker that resembles a necklace just as much as a choker. 
  • Overalls- fit, fit, fit.  In the 90's they were baggy and loose. Typically with one shoulder not buckled. Choose a style that is more fitted from top to bottom and pair with a crop top if your adventurous enough. 

I'm happy to share that my Tory Burch is finally for sale. It was a market sampler and it did so well they decided to sell it in all stores.  I've linked my whole outfit, including the bag below. 


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