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Priorities, Priorities

Monday, September 12, 2016

I love my kids but it's so important to Kevin and I that we put each other first. Our priorities are God, each other and then our children.  That means that sometimes it is important for us to do things, just the two of us.  When Kevin and I get a night out I try to take full advantage of the opportunity to wear something a little more fun than the standard momiform. 

I've been obsessed with off the shoulder tops and dresses all summer and when I spotted this pretty, flowy top I knew I had to have it.  I didn't even want to bother trying it on because it was so cute.  I even convinced others to purchase it, not that I should have had to convince them!! I mean seriously, how cute is this?  Paired with some ripped denim and cute sandals and you have a perfect date night look, or brunch look, or just because look. You can find my jeans and shoes Here. My top is from a local boutique, Stella, but I've been eying a few similar off the shoulder tops Here

One of my favorite places to find special and unique pieces is so if you want a pretty top or special dress be sure to check them out. Plus you can shop fall's coolest trends at Nordstrom with vintage-chic dresses, jeans, coats and more. I love that its always FREE Shipping and FREE Returns.


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