Jewelry & Jeans: Food For Teething Babies {Gerber Lil' Bits Recipes}

Food For Teething Babies {Gerber Lil' Bits Recipes}

Monday, September 12, 2016

My youngest got his two bottom teeth at eight months, his two top teeth at 9 months and is now in the process of getting his second set of top teeth.  It's tough enough having a tooth pop through, this poor guy has to get them in pairs! And trying to get food into a teething baby is not an easy task.  His appetite has definitely suffered, or at least the variety of foods he will accept has suffered.  Lucky for us it is still hot here so I've come up with a great frozen treat featuring Gerber Lil' Bits that he has been loving.

I'm always looking for ways to get extra fruits and vegetables eaten by my kids.  Whether it's pureeing into sauce, mixing into baked goods or masking in the form of a sweet treat, I'm prepared to do it all. Now that Bronson is getting more teeth and wanting to pick up food and feed himself I'm looking to introduce new textures and flavors and Gerbers Lil' Bits has been a perfect transitional food.  Its packed with tiny pieces of fruit and vegetables to help him learn to chew. And with a little engineuity, it's also something that helps him learn to feed himself.

I've come up with a super easy baby food recipe that anyone, and I mean anyone, can make in just a few quick minutes. It only requires two ingredients and is chalked with fruit and/or vegetables, is an excellent source of protein and contains three types of probiotics. Ready for this?
  1. 1 6oz container of Gerbers Lil' Bits (in any flavor you want, really) but here I used the Island Fruit Blend. (I've also done it with sweet potato apple carrot and cinnamon to get some veggies in) and, 
  2. 1 6oz container of fruit flavored greek yogurt. I have used vanilla, raspberry and strawberry banana but any flavor your little one likes will do. 
I simply use equal parts of both, stir them together and then freeze.  Now you can freeze these a couple of different ways. Popsicles, drops, etc.  I did them as drops on parchment paper when he was just beginning to eat solids, but now I freeze them in ice cube trays.  I fill the trays about half full and once firm, I pop them out and cut them into small cubes. These bite size pieces are perfect for helping him learn to chew.

If your little one doesn't mind being fed you can easily skip the freezing step  and just mix the two ingredients together for a nutrient rich meal.  I also blend the two ingredients together with a touch of apple juice for a great smoothie. There are so many quick and easy options with Gerber.

He loves being able to pick them up on his own and the cold feels good on his tender gums.  They melt quickly in his mouth and he nubs on the pieces until he can swallow the small bits of fruit and vegetables.  He gobbles these up by the handful and it's nice because it frees me up from having to manually feed him.

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