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Not Your Mom's Workout

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First of all, I am a lover of coffee. Like several times a day, hot and iced, black and with creamer type of coffee lover.  I really don't discriminate.  Secondly, I do like to work out, be active and stay fit but life often gets in the way.  This brings me to my third and equally as important point, I had my second son 6 months ago.  This helps explain both my need for and obsession with coffee and why working out is not always feasible.

Having my boys has
definitely changed my workout routine.  Gone are the hours of gym time each week.  I often get my cardio in by pushing a double stroller, chasing my oldest on his scooter or climbing with him on the jungle gym.  As such, I've had to adapt.

I have found a love for the 7-10 minute circuit exercise routines because its quick and can easily fit into my daily routine.  Whether the kids are up or not, its completely feasible for me to complete a couple of rounds of weighted squats, push ups and bicep curls.  Sometimes I even get them in on the action.  My 6 month old is already 20lbs and that works out great for lunges.  I just hold him and travel across the living room or park while my 3 year old plays. I'm not going to lie, its WAY easier to do nothing.  To sit and watch rather than get up and go and I definitely have days that include only sitting and watching but I've found there to be an absolute correlation between me being active and me being happier.  Happier with my body, happier in my disposition and happier with the example I'm showing my boys.

Here are two of the circuit workouts I've been doing lately:

Full Body Circuit Workout (Repeat 3x)

Killer Ab Circuit Workout (Repeat 3x)

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