Jewelry & Jeans: No Cold Shoulder

No Cold Shoulder

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The cold shoulder trend is omni present and I am loving it!  Exposed shoulders are a subtle but sexy way to show a little skin. This neutral top works so well with other neutrals like black and white but could easily mix into any wardrobe by pairing it with traditional denim. For those not so great hair day a big floppy hat is a must and this one has been a pleasant surprise.  I find myself grabbing it more than I expected I would.  Its not itchy and super reasonably priced.  I'm loving this new TB bag. Big enough to hold all my items and the truck load of stuff I carry around for my two boys!!


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  1. Now that is a gorgeous nude color. Loving the trendy cold shoulder top on you. And that TB bag completed the entire look. Might have worn dark colored bottoms myself though!


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