Jewelry & Jeans: My White Party

My White Party

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I can't begin to tell you how much I've been enjoying the 70's and 80's we've been getting here lately. It feels like most years we jump from winter right into summer (triple digits here!!) without any real transition, so I'm soaking this up.  I spent so much time outdoors this past weekend in this gorgeous off the shoulder dress, with its bell sleeves, eyelet detail and elastic band.  It felt like I wasn't wearing anything and the wide elastic band stays in place so you're not pulling at your dress all day.  I hope this weather stays this way so I can live in this dress! I had my littlest helper with me that day and he was just too cute to not include, so I've included a few BTS pics with B. Unfortunately my dress is temporarily out of stock but I have seen it still in stores.  I linked another below that is similar.


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