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In Full Bloom

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I have finally put away all my jackets and boots and am arms wide open to accepting the warm summer days.  It didn't hurt that I spotted these, oh so cute, floral shorts.  With two little boys to run around with and chase ALL DAY LONG I live in shorts most of the summer. So, I'm all about anything that helps my legs look longer and if it has a secondary effect of making them look leaner, then sign me up! Here are my tips and tricks for just that.
  1. SHOES: Nude shoes help elongate the leg. And along those same lines, some height to your shoes can help to make the leg look leaner and your calves look toned. I've opted for nude wedges because the platform is easy to wear for long periods of time. Some lower espadrilles would work well too and even pumps depending on what your activity level is. 
  2. INSEAM: Inseam is important. Pick an inseam that you not only feel comfortable in but that fits your body type.  I have a 3" inseam here and sometimes wear 5". For me 1" is just too short and is not as comfortable when I'm bending or sitting. A 7" inseam is too long and chops my legs off making them appear shorter.  Its definitely a balance between appropriate and flattering.  
  3. TAN: And last but not least, a tan does wonders for making legs look leaner. Nothing beats a natural summer glow but lets be real, who has time to bask in the sun with little ones under foot and now a days with the damage the sun causes I can't in good conscious lay out like I once did. Thus, a super self tanner is my summer time hero.  I've linked my go-to St. Tropez below as well as a less expensive alternative. 

In that past I have tended to gravitate to solid colored shorts since its easier to wear them a million different ways but surprisingly, these shorts go with so much.  The floral pattern has several shades of blue mixing well with several tops in my closet including basic white.

If a floral pattern isn't quite your thing they have several solid colors available as well as a striped pair and a polka dot pair.  Happy Shopping!

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