Jewelry & Jeans: My 2020 First Quarter Style Recap All About Color

My 2020 First Quarter Style Recap All About Color

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Who doesn't need a little escape from the norm especially if that means with your husband and some of your best fiends! I got to experience my first ever cruise last week and while the food wasn't the best, the fun was! We did a quick three day cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico and had an absolute blast. I still think I'm trying to recover from the rocking and copious amounts of "fun" had. I wanted to share a couple of the looks I packed from day to night, all which worked perfectly! I ordered them just the week before we left from Shein and they arrived in plenty of time! Don't forget to use code D1jewelryn to save even more off their great deals! 

The first day I wore this bright and I repeat, bright, colored sweater and LOVED it. January can be so dreary and I love adding some color to the otherwise sea of black, grey and neutral that inundates my normal day to day. 
Sweater Search ID 925630

The first night we attended the sit down dinner and I loved the excuse of getting a little gussied up. This red dress fits like a glove.  I am normally a small but Shein was all out so I chanced fitting into an XS and it was perfect! The ruffles along the bottom had a flirt flare and there is no see thru. The fitted empire waist is flattering on everyone and the lace details elevate it. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this dress. Think, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. 

Coat Search ID 844041  

The second night was formal night and I wanted a formal dress that I could wear again if the opportunity presented itself.  This dress did not disappoint. The blue is stunning and its a velvet texture that is not only comfortable and soft but also figure flattering. 

Dress Search ID 835204 

With spring in the air but also chill, lots of cold still, a bright sweater is my go to. The color screams spring but the texture and style say, I'll keep you warm! This one has a cute ruffle detail on the shoulders. It's long enough to tuck in but definitely on the shorter side for length.  Size up if you want more.

Sweater Search ID 821076

When I first saw this sweater I had to have it. From the cute hearts that work year round, to the frayed hem; it was so different but something I knew I'd throw on a ton. Its a great medium weight and fits true to size. Plus, the price is under $20 and that's good for everyones bank account. 

Sweater Search ID 848843

There is nothing better than a cute top to make you schedule a date night or a night out with girl friends and I'm telling you, this is THAT top! This amazing oversized ruffle wraps all around and the fabric has a little more stiffness to it so it keeps form. It's a showstopper that's for sure!

Top Search ID 879700

So many fun finds this quarter and none that break the bank.  Which is your favorite?



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