Jewelry & Jeans: The Best Christmas Traditions with Shutterfly Cards

The Best Christmas Traditions with Shutterfly Cards

Thursday, December 5, 2019

There is nothing I look forward to more than December mail! When the mailbox is brimming with packages to wrap and familiar faces in their best attire! Christmas cards are one of the best seasonal traditions and I hope my kids one day, will appreciate them just as much as I do. The act of us all getting dressed up and finding a new idea for our picture is something I really enjoy.  This year's was so much fun but boy did it make keeping the attention of three little ones tough!

Year after year I have such a fun picking out a great card to compliment our family pictures.  And year after year, I am so impressed with Shutterfly. They offer a great selection and make the design process really easy.  My favorite part is being able to upload my address book and have all of my envelopes not only preprinted but designed so that both my card and my envelope make a lasting impression on our recipients. There are so many personalized touches available as well, from foil details to lined envelopes, it really makes each card special. 

I can remember the time my mom put into writing Christmas cards to family and friends and how fun it was to receive them each year.  With so many special people in our lives who live far away it was a way to stay connected.  I now appreciate that tradition even more.  I never enjoy getting the mail like I do in the month of December.  I love getting to see how families have grown and sharing our blessings for a wonderful new year on all of those people we love so much.  

In addition to sending out cards, I really want to instill in my boys the love of giving back. For as long as I can remember my mom taught us to give to others, especially this time of year.  We would always pick cards off an angel tree and buy for foster kids and older people who were in need.  It would break my heart to hear how kids just wanted some pajamas to wear or how older folks were requesting new socks.  We get so caught up in things but there are so many who are without necessities.  I try to talk with my boys, particularly Colton who's almost 7, that there are people who need help and we are called to share out blessings and give help where we can. This year the boys helped make Thanksgiving meals for those less fortunate and I'm hoping to take Colton to the food bank to make care packages for families during the holidays. 

You can see all the wonderful options available for you HERE. Plus, Shutterfly is offering 50% cards NOW with code HOLIDAY!! It's their best deal of the year and a great time to buy not only your Holiday cards but personalized gifts as well.  You can see some of the great items we've scored HERE. Can can also shop their sister company Tiny Prints for more wonderful options HERE.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


This post is sponsored by Shutterfly however, the opinions and thoughts shared herein are honest and 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.


  1. Shutterfly is the best! I've never heard of Tiny Prints though. I'll have to check them out.

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  3. This is an excellent selection. Your suggestions are fantastic. I'd want to test out some of your suggestions, as well as some of the accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, etc. Thank you for making it available.


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