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Hospital Bag Must Haves

Monday, December 3, 2018

Being as this wasn't my first rodeo, I knew/had an idea of what to bring and what not to bring with me to the hospital when baby girl arrived.  I definitely fine tuned this list and narrowed down the essentials that worked for me in my experiences as well as this one.  It's also good to note that with both boys I was in and out of the hospital in less than 30 hours and completely expected the same with baby girl. While that did change a bit it didn't actually change my packing list.

Obviously, if you are going in for a C-section or end up staying longer you may want to pack an extra set of pajamas and clothing for you and baby.

Since you'll be in bed for the vast majority of time be sure to bring a few pairs of pajamas.  Sleep shirts are a nice option since after baby comes some often messy residuals. Robes and nursing tops work great too.  Don't forget to bring a few nursing bras. I swear by the sports bra type, comfortable but supportive. I recommend sizing up one from your 9 month bra size since once your milk comes in you'll need a larger option.

I'm not a fan of hospital showers thus, I leave all the shampoo etc at home. I bring essential toiletries for brushing teeth and washing my face and I also bring my makeup.  This is clearly optional and a personal choice however, I feel better and since so many pictures are being taken I like the end result a whole lot more. Another essential is your going home outfit.  Make sure to bring something that is similar to what you were wearing size wise when you came into the hospital.  While you will have just had a baby your body will not just bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight within 24 hours.  Comfortable is really key in this regard.  I swear by Lululemon Align pants.  They are the softest pants ever and have a nice wide waistband, great for holding you in.  I also brought a loose top that was comfortable but also nursing friendly.

One thing I did when my second son was born and made sure to do again this time for both boys was to bring a present "from the baby." It definitely makes the boys feel special and makes the introduction a little sweeter. Plus, who doesn't need a little activity or toy to help entertain the older kiddos when there is a new baby to look after.  Unfortunately, the hospital implemented their flu season restrictions the day Keira was born so, although I had the gifts wrapped and ready we had to bring them home to give to the boys since they were never allowed to visit while in the hospital.

There are several other luxuries that are totally optional but do feel nice to have on hand.  I brought my slippers since there were lots of trips to the bathroom and no one likes dirty socks in bed.  A sleep mask if you're sensitive to light, noise machine or noise app if all the beeping of the machines is likely to keep you up.

For baby, leave all the diapers and wipes at home. The hospital provides them and you'll be going thru enough as it is so, save the ones you've got.  I am a big fan of gowns since there are so many diaper changes, especially for at night. It's the easiest clothing when changing diapers with the least amount of disruption to baby.  I recommend bringing 2-3 outfits, matching bows if you're into that sort of thing, and a swaddle. I use the hospital swaddle as a burp cloth and used the hospital hat since  it was cold.  If you want a special name announcement don't forget to bring that as well.

One thing I'm big on is bringing a couple of snacks.  While the hospital will cater to you after baby arrives, when you are in labor food is near possible to obtain.  They hold you off on anything solid thus, be sure to eat right before you go in and bring a protein bar or something easy to nibble on just in case.  If you're in labor for an hour or 26 hours, they don't care and food will be scarce. For a girl who likes to eat that just doesn't sit well.

Don't forget technology items as well.  A camera is a must but an iphone can totally suffice in this arena.  Don't forget your charger.  I bring my phone as well as my Nikon just for the ability to play with settings since the light in a hospital and the time of day can play a significant difference in the end pictures. I also like to bring a computer or ipad just to keep busy since there are often hours of waiting before baby arrives.  Maybe plan to download a movie or plan to start a new Netflix show so, get that app updated.

The biggest mistake I made my first time around was bring way too much stuff.  It's a pain to lug around, it takes up way too much room in an already cramped space and it's a pain to unpack when you get home.  This time I wanted to streamline it and make sure my bag was appropriate as well. No sense packing light but using a huge suitcase.  I love my Lo & Sons Catalina bag and not just because it's rose!  It's the perfect weekender type of bag.  Plenty of pockets inside and out, as well as my favorite part, the zippered compartment on the bottom.  Perfect to separate shoes or dirty clothes. This style bag comes in 7 different colors and is currently 30% off! The green, grey or ash color would make great gifts for men.

What is one thing you wish you had left behind or a must have you can't live without? My must have would definitely be a couple of favorite snacks!



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