Jewelry & Jeans: Nursery Sneak Peak with Forever Eclectic by Child Craft

Nursery Sneak Peak with Forever Eclectic by Child Craft

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Eeeekk! We are down to less than 4 weeks and you'd think with this being my third I'd be prepared and stress free. NOT.  I can't seem to get a few hours together at the same time to do much of anything in the nursery that feels like forward progress but, I am moving the ball forward, even if it's at a snails pace.  I finally got my Forever Eclectic by Child Craft dresser and chest in and filled! That is success in my book.  So, with that said, I'm sharing a sneak peak of the nursery. 

When I was imagining what I wanted for the nursery I knew there were a few must haves; 1. I wanted the furniture to be real wood. Little ones can be hard on furniture as was definitely the case with my second son, so I wanted something that would stand up to the wear and tear I knew we were going to give it.  2. I wanted white to brighten the room and give a crisp feel, and 3. I wanted something more on the modern side rather than traditional.  Child Craft was a brand I had heard good things about and keep coming across as I was shopping online. 

This line of furniture is called the SOHO Collection from Child Craft's Forever Eclectic collection and I'm in love with the clean lines, quality and two tone coloring.  I think the natural wood footing gives it a unique and fresh feel. Definitely a mid century/modern style which is what I was wanting.

Since we are adding a new member to the family but no additional square footage I really needed to maximize the amount of storage I have in each room, nursery included. The three drawer dresser is the perfect height and width for a changing pad and since the room is on the smaller side I needed the dresser to do double duty.  The top drawer is beautifully lined with felt, the next two drawers are incredibly deep and hold so much. Each drawer is dovetailed and has ball bearing metal gliders both were really important for longevity and durability in my book.

I got smart with this little built in corner nook and was so happy when the Soho Chest fit perfectly! At over 3 1/2 feet tall it's good for when space is limited and you need to go vertical.  The chest includes 4 drawers and just like the dresser the top drawer is felt-lined and all the remaining dressers are extra deep.

Best part of all, at least for my husband, was that it was shipped fully assembled so no millions of screws to drill etc.  All of the pulls and knobs were also assembled but on the inside of the drawers for sleeker shipping, all I needed to do was unscrew, turn them around and rescrew them in.  It took me less than 10 minutes and they were set up! Easy Peasy! Took me way longer to figure out how to organizer everything in the drawers.  Luckily for me and baby girl, there's still plenty of room for more clothes, shoes and accessories.  Unfortunately for my bank account, there's still plenty of room for more clothes, shoes and accessories.

Can't wait to share even more soon so stay tuned!


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