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Bottles, Brushes, Bibs and More

Monday, October 8, 2018

I can't believe baby girl will be here in just a few more short months.  I am in full nesting mode but unfortunately don't have much to show for it.  I swear I've spent hours getting her room started but it still looks like a bomb has gone off.  I am making progress though, slowly but surely.  Since I'm waiting on some bigger pieces I started tackling getting some of the smaller things together and ready like her clothing and some feeding essentials. 

I've been starting to compile the things I have and make lists of those things I need.  I'm dusting off the pump and definitely love having a solid nursing pillow to prop up baby during feeding.  I've got my nursing bras and some nursing tanks ready to go and grabbed some new bottle brushes. I have used this style Easy Grip brush from Nuby since having Colton.  I'm a huge fan of the separate nipple brush that screws off from the bottom.  It's essential for truly cleaning inside the nipple of the bottle.  I also like that you can hang it so it drips dry from the bottom of the brush and not down onto the handle.

One thing I haven't had before but am really excited to try is this One Touch Electric Warmer.  It safely warms breast milk or formula so I don't have to wait for forever to feed because we all know a hungry babe is a very unhappy babe! The One Touch Warmer also serves as a sterilizer. The sterilizer is intended to work for bottles as well as things like pacifiers and I love that it's fast so I don't have to wait for a full dishwasher load. 

Neither of my boys were massive droolers but they both did teeth and thus these Muslin Teething Bibs are great either way.  Whether a drooler, a massive teether or both these bibs will help and look super cute.  The rubber tip is textured to help sooth gums and the muslin material is super absorbent for wiping those chins. They come in a two pack and have loads of prints. 

I've been trying to prepare the boys as much as possible. They are so excited and already fighting over who will get to hold, change, bath and feed her.  I've also been trying to spend extra quality time with them both, together and individually.  We had a little snack date recently.  Since it's still close to triple digits we don't go anywhere without water and these Thirsty Kids Flip It cups are cute but so functional.  I love that they don't spill and the straw stays clean. Plus, they are super durable which is essential with two boys. 

You can find out more about Nuby and their products below. 

Do you have any products that you CAN'T live without when it comes to feeding? I'm all ears, it's been a while since I've been in this arena. 



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