Jewelry & Jeans: October 2018

How to Stay Warm as Temps Drop

Monday, October 29, 2018

Now that it's finally starting to cool down and act like Fall (at least in the morning temps), I'm pulling out all the cozy layers and loving every second. This week actually has 70's as the forecast high and I'm so excited! 9+ months pregnant I'm all about the clothes that are comfortable and feel good, easy to wear and layer on or off as need be. #hormones I crave soft, stretchy and cozy and have been living in a few key tops from Cuddl Duds lately. One I'm even thinking will transition easily into a nursing go to!

This Cuddl Duds Softwear stretch ribbed black henley is so stretchy and has a silky feel to it. With a few top buttons I feel like I can easily wear this as a nursing top too.  It's perfect for layering under sweaters or cardigans since it's form fitting and not at all bulky.  It includes thumb holes so you won't have to tug at the sleeve or worry about an updraft when it's especially chilly.  Comes in 7 different colors. 

One of my favorite go to colors for fall is always olive.  I love the rich tone this time of year so I definitely snagged this Cuddl Duds Soft Knit tee when I saw it.  It comes in a ton of colors, 6 I think, and is SO, SO, SO soft.  I love the tulip stitch detail of the hem giving it a cute cut without any worry of exposing the belly.  It is not maternity but stretches effortlessly over the bump and I didn't even size up.  Great for those casual weekends when you just want to cuddle up and watch football while lounging on the couch. 

And whether your pregnant or not a forgiving but flattering options for lounge wear is always a good drapped cardigan. This Soft Knit Wrap from Cuddl Duds has been my current go to for early morning drop off when its chilly but then later warms up a bit.  Fits on easy over my other layers, again has the thumb hole and is super soft.  

Best part is that you can shop all these looks at Kohl's and they're offering 30% off warm weather wear!


This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. 

Nursery Sneak Peak with Forever Eclectic by Child Craft

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Eeeekk! We are down to less than 4 weeks and you'd think with this being my third I'd be prepared and stress free. NOT.  I can't seem to get a few hours together at the same time to do much of anything in the nursery that feels like forward progress but, I am moving the ball forward, even if it's at a snails pace.  I finally got my Forever Eclectic by Child Craft dresser and chest in and filled! That is success in my book.  So, with that said, I'm sharing a sneak peak of the nursery. 

The Best Gift for Any New or Expecting Mom

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

No matter if you're expecting your first baby or your fifth there are two things every, single, new baby needs and it's diapers and wipes.  With baby number 1 it's easy to focus and get consumed by all the new baby products.  From cribs and carriers to bathtubs and bibs but, as you have your second or beyond there is less of a need for those things. Sure you update a few things like clothing but, what are absolutely essential, regardless of the gender of your little one, are the diapering products.  I was recently gifted the sweetest and most thoughtful gift from IncrediBundles and it was a subscription of diapers and wipes for baby girl. I am beyond excited to have this for baby #3 and have one less thing to have to load up baby for.

How sweet is the gift box that arrives with your subscription notification from IncrediBundles?

You can check out their subscription options HERE.

Talk about useful! It arrived as the sweetest keepsake ABC gift box filled with a few newborn diaper samples and a soft teddy bear.  In with those gifts was a voucher for the subscription and instructions on how to register. They offer 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 month subscriptions for diapers and/or wipes and it's the recipient that gets to pick the brand, style and size each and every month.  So it is very customizable. 

I hopped online, set up an account and entered my codes.  It literally took less than 5 minutes and my subscription was loaded.  Next I had the option of selecting the brand, the type and the size. Offering major brands like Pampers, Huggies and Luvs in most every style you would want, from NB to size 6.  I'm so excited to not have to make another store run when we get low on diapers.  

I could have gone ahead and put in each months pick but since I don't know what I'll actually need in 3 months I only ordered the first month and then I'll want to see our needs from there. Not only is it a practical gift, its fully customizable with no pressure at all.  It never expires, it does not automatically order each month so you never have to worry about getting too much of the wrong size.  Plus, if you have more than one child in diapers you can order one size and type one month and a completely different brand and size the next.

This is such a great gift for a baby shower or a friend who's expecting.  It's especially nice that there is a really nice tangible gift that you get to give as a token of what's really to come.  I love this so much I'm working with IncrediBundles to GIVEAWAY a 3 month diaper subscription to one of my followers.  Be sure to check out my Instagram page to enter, so easy and definitely one you don't want to skip! Even if you don't need diapers, I'm sure you know someone who would love to have this.

What's your go-to diaper brand? We are Pampers' fans over here.


I received product in exchange for this post. All opinions included at 100% honest. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

The Prettiest Fall Floral Wrap Dress

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I know everyone thinks of chunky knits and over the knee boots when they think fall and don't get me wrong, I love both of those things to no end but until the temperature really drops it is just too hot here in Fresno for either.  I'm opting for pretty fall florals, long sleeves and gorgeous wrap dresses.  Better yet, give me one piece with all three of those things in one!  How pretty is THIS dress for fall?!

Bottles, Brushes, Bibs and More

Monday, October 8, 2018

I can't believe baby girl will be here in just a few more short months.  I am in full nesting mode but unfortunately don't have much to show for it.  I swear I've spent hours getting her room started but it still looks like a bomb has gone off.  I am making progress though, slowly but surely.  Since I'm waiting on some bigger pieces I started tackling getting some of the smaller things together and ready like her clothing and some feeding essentials. 

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