Jewelry & Jeans: We're Having A ....... {How We Shared The News}

We're Having A ....... {How We Shared The News}

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ecstatic: a state of overwhelming emotion; especially rapturous delight. It is truly difficult to put into ones the feelings and emotions of the past 24 hours. For once in my life I am actually, honestly, at a loss for words. Yesterday we hosted a BBQ with some of of nearest and dearest friends and family (missing a few loved ones who were definitely there in spirit and texting incessantly) and held our gender reveal for Baby No. 3. 

Let me back up a bit.  About two weeks ago, at a Dr appointment, the nurse did an ultrasound and knowing that we didn't want to know the results just yet, put the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope for us. For both our other pregnancies this was the moment Kevin and I would have found out the sex. This time around I just wanted to do something different.  I wanted to have a party. I wanted to share in this with friends and family. Kevin, on the other hand, needed some convincing.  He was not keen on the idea and even less so in that exact moment.  After about 6 hours in my purse that envelope was burning such a hole I had to give it to my friend Annie who had already agreed to be the one person who knew and was in charge of ordering the confetti poppers in the correct gender.

Fast forward two weeks and while I really was calm about the whole situation I was still me therefore, I bugged Annie and prodded her for information here and there.  She was stoic. Poker face to the end. I couldn't get a read and once others knew she knew, they too peppered her with questions, all of which she handled like a champ.  I can't thank her enough for holding in this information for so long and tolerating my harrasment! 

Fast forward two weeks and the day was here. It was, of course, the hottest day of the year yet but that didn't stop anyone. Everyone were such troopers barring the heat. We swam, we ate, we gathered and it was wonderful.  I think some people were more anxious than us.  I was really at peace with the whole thing. Then, after dinner we trucked to the end of our street where an expansive green space was to wait for the big REVEAL.

Our dear friend Melissa, who you've seen take tons of our pictures as of late, agreed to capture the moments surround the news. We lined everyone up behind us with the idea they would pop the confetti cannons over our heads. This way the picture would not only capture our reaction and the confetti color but all of their reactions too! It all happened really quickly, after a count of one, two, three, the cannons were shot and the sky overhead was covered in a sea of PINK confetti. It was a pink out. I immediately starting jumping for joy and without any control felt that joy streaming down my face. The whole event was surreal. It was a moment of complete excitement, and overwhelming happiness. Then to have others experience it with us and cry in excitement alongside us was more than I could have ever imagined. 

Love seeing how excited our loved ones got too!

For a second there it was raining PINK!

He was looking for a cannon he got to pop!

Best part of the day was throwing confetti!

Kevin was extremely surprised and is really excited too. He was in shock because we both thought the nurse was so quick to find the gender that it had to be a boy. I know we would have been ecstatic with the news of a boy as well, but I'm not going to lie, I was rooting for a girl and I was not shy in vocalizing that.  I think it's perfectly fine to have a preference because for me at least, I knew in my heart that at the end of the day God put before us exactly what was meant to be and that that child would be a blessing boy or girl s both pink or blue would have brought be tears of joy. 

I really can't express how overwhelmed with emotion we feel not just from the news but the support and love expressed but everyone. Thanks for joining us on this little adventure and for all of your encouraging words. We love you!


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