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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Where has 2017 gone? It has flown by in a flash but left me with such great satisfaction. We had a wonderful time along the way.  I think it's safe to say this has been our best year yet. Of course it included ups and downs, laughter and tears but lots fun and growth too. Our boys have grown, we took on new ventures, we traveled, I had a blast with RewardStyle, I've shared more of love of fashion and even a little bit of our BTS life.  I've set new goals for 2018 and really look forward to sharing more with all of you.  I am so grateful for your support, appreciate your input and wish you all the most amazing end to not only this year but to all of 2018 too.  I had such a fun time traveling down memory lane and compiling this Best Of list for all of you. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I have. 

My first RewardStyle meet up in LA. I shared more about it HERE.

Island time is the best time. Our trip to Hawaii can be seen HERE.

The best wedding date I could ever wish for. 

Bright and pleats for days this past spring. For details.

Pool side all day, every day. 

I don't know if I'm a fitness buff but two boys definitely make me work. 
So honored to be featured on Like to Know it Family this past summer.  HERE

Mom and I had a great trip to SF late summer. 
Shared lots of great eats in the city HERE.  
Update: Add to this list Kokari for dinner and Marlowes for brunch. 

Had a great time at a RewardStyle meetup.  
If you're curious about Like to Know it check out THIS post.

Jumping for joy

Nothing quite like a little mountain air. 

Mountain adventures. I shared all my fitness favs HERE.  
Plus, these leggings are on SALE.

Kev and I had a little fun in wine country and I shared some personal stuff about us in THIS post. 

As a girl we always made our way to Apple Hill in northern California so this year I started that tradition with my boys.  

Took some fashion risks and loved it.  Best coats HERE.

Loved how girly this top was and definitely crushed on this color this year. 

Talk about girly! Prim and proper.

Best of the year was definitely my time with these three! My absolute favs!!
Shared lots of family photos in THIS post. 

Happy New Years Ya'll! Love you all and can't wait to have more fun together in 2018.  Have a fun and save New Years.  


Cutest Corduroy Dress & My Podcast Reviews

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

If you've listened to my IG stories you know I've talked a bit about the different podcasts I have loved and tried.  I've gotten some questions about them so I thought it would be helpful if I put my thoughts into a post for referral.  The common theme is that all of the below podcasts are crime thrillers.  I clearly have a type. I'm sharing all the ones I've listened to lately and my take on each. Plus, how cute is the corduroy jumper? I mean!! Paired with a sweater and tights and it's great now and works into Spring.

Holiday Styles For Guys with Patrick James & 3 Tips for Shopping for Guys

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kevin's Sweater Shirt Jeans  
As a lover of all things shopping related, shopping for my guy is no different.  Not that I'm an expert but I have learned a few things over the years.  Now I do have to admit that as long as I've known Kevin he has always had a definite style voice and never needed any input from me. (Not that that stops me!) But with a busy career, a restaurant and two kids, time to shop is almost nonexistent.  Even more so during the holiday season. Between family and friends we have events that take up nearly every weekend and most weeknights.  So getting stylish pieces for the Holidays is a must and I've figured out 3 key tips to use when shopping for the men in my life.

Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers For Those That Give To Us

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Accessories, bath products, and home goods make for some great gift ideas depending on who you're looking to give to.  I like to put thought into gifts and do something a little more than gift cards.  Whether it's teachers, hair dressers, or just a girl friends get together make sure you've got plenty of good gifts to give. Running empty on ideas? Well then, check out this post for lots of great options. 

Keeping Traditions Alive with Family Christmas Cards

Monday, December 4, 2017

Entering December with Mariah blasting and Christmas lights on 24/7.  I've consumed more hot coco and marshmallows than I'd like to admit but these are just a few of the traditions I love so much.  As we get further and further into new technology and cultural shifts I really value the traditions that my mother and grandmother started.  One of those traditions that I vow to hold onto is mailing, yes mailing with a stamp, Christmas cards to friends and family.  Talking all about tradition and sharing some personal family photos, check out the full post below.

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Santa Visits with HGTV

Saturday, December 2, 2017

We are HUGE fans of Christmas over here.  Not that we don't appreciate Thanksgiving, because we do.  I love some good family time and pumpkin pie but there is something so magical about the Christmas season.  The lights, the music, the cookies and decorations. The fact that I have two little boys who are awe struck by the sight of Santa definitely adds to the fun.  So, in an effort of full disclosure we went to see Santa at HGTV's Santa HQ event the minute we could and that minute could or could not have been before Thanksgiving. Ha!

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