Jewelry & Jeans: How Time Flies || Baby Turns 2

How Time Flies || Baby Turns 2

Monday, November 6, 2017

My baby boy is no longer a baby {Insert crying mommy here}. Bronson is our youngest but has now turned 2.  He is a toddler and so much more. Not sure how it happened.  I can barely comprehend how he has grown so quickly.  How he has gone from infancy to toddlerhood because I feel like we just brought him home yesterday.

Those first few months were definitely a blurr, like so many of you can relate.  He was an exceptional eater, nursed so well from day one, but a horrible sleeper.  Took me months and months to get him to sleep through the night and while I didn't want to let him cry it out, I eventually had no choice.  Finally at 4 1/2 we had success but he has never been a solid napper.  A stark difference from his brother.

He was a fast crawler and walker, eager to keep up with his brother.  He is an avid talker. So much so I sometimes wish for silence.  If only for 5 minutes.  His smile melts my heart in a second, he gives the best hugs and slobbery kisses.  He idolizes his brother and is almost as big as him.  He loves garbage trucks and legos.  Would eat salmon and ice cream daily if he could.

He really is the most perfect addition to our family and I am blessed to call him my son.  I wish I could capture all the little moments, the hundred times a day he makes me laugh and smile.  The fun faces he makes and even funny little comments.  He is a rough and tumble boy by all means but I wouldn't change him for anything.  God gave us the imperfectly perfect Bronson and I love him in every way.

I get questions when I post on IG about the boys clothes so I wanted to share my favorite places when buying for them.  Target is always a go to and has really stepped up the boy style with the inclusion of Cat & Jack.  For everyday staples and cute traditional pieces I shop HERE.  But I'd say one of my favorite stores for the boys is HERE.  The clothes have style and pieces are offered in a variety of cuts, like skinny or slim cut jeans.  They have such mature styles for little men like moto jackets.  Depending on how trendy you want to go, THEY do offer a lot of choices.

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  1. Wait until your baby turns 5--mine just did---boohoo!!! Love Cat & Jack too!!


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