Jewelry & Jeans: Give Your Lashes a Boost || My Long Lashes Secret Revealed

Give Your Lashes a Boost || My Long Lashes Secret Revealed

Thursday, November 2, 2017

There's a few things I love and a few things I don't.  I love long, full lashes but I don't like having to fuss with the glue and buy and trim falsies.  I also don't want to spend an hour filling extensions and spending a fortune.  Plus, lash extensions are so bad for your natural lashes.  I was debating using lash serum but had heard bad things about them changing your eye color and I have hazel eyes so I definitely didn't want to mess with that.

A few friends of mine had started using .........
(See the full look HERE)

Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields.  They were raving about their results. At first, I wasn't sure. Then I ran into another friend and the first thing I said when I saw her was "when did you start getting lash extensions" when she said they're not extension, they're her natural lashes as a result of using Lash Boost, I WAS SOLD!  I contacted my sweet friend in Nashville and put in my order ASAP.

I started using the Lash Boost back in June.  After about 5 weeks I thought I was personally seeing changes in my lashes but wasn't sure if it was psychosomatic or not.  By 6 weeks people started noticing and commenting.  By 7 weeks I had strangers stopping me and asking me about my lashes and at 8 weeks my husband told me to stop because they were getting so long they were hitting my eyelids and eyebrows.  It's ridiculous how well it has worked.

Here's a before picture

Here's an after picture

You can see from the two pictures there's a huge difference.  Even though the second picture is further away, my lashes at 10x longer, fuller and more impactful.

My daily routine included putting a single swipe of serum across each lid every night, on clean, dry skin.  I would brush one side of the wand on one lid and the other side of the brush on the other lid.  It said to re-dip but I felt like there was more than enough serum on the wand without having to re-dip.  For the 8 weeks I was really diligent to use it nightly.  Once they got super long I cut back the usage to only 3 times a week and lately I only apply it once a week since they are plenty long.

They got so long that I actually had a learn a new way to apply mascara so that they all could get fully coated without completely clumping together.  Tough problem to have, right!  Rodan and Fields is no longer sold in stores but must be purchased from a personal sales representative. I don't sell it but you can contact my friend, Lindsay.  She is super helpful and will walk you through everything.  Trust me when I say, you don't want to buy it retail, you'll pay a whole lot me than you want.  I also love Rodan and Field's microdermabrasion paste. It makes my skin feel so fresh and smooth. Reach out to Lindsay HERE, several friends already have and love it. Their products are all natural and are completely safe plus, THEY WORK.


  1. I love long lashes too. By the way, I love the different looks that you have posted, your outfit game is on point. Good article.


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