Jewelry & Jeans: White After Labor Day || How to Transition White into Your Fall Wardrobe

White After Labor Day || How to Transition White into Your Fall Wardrobe

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I think we all know that the rule against wearing white after Labor Day is antiquated and null. Yet still there are some ways that are better than others for transitioning white into your fall wardrobe. I took this cute romper set and switched it up by adding a white sweater making it perfect for cooler temps. The best part is, it extends your summer wardrobe for longer wear.  See below for more on this look (both the romper set and the fall edition) and the key pieces to ditch or keep as we approach fall.

I love white year round but some of my white pieces don't work year round. For example, my all white dresses are already packed away for the year.  White dresses are too summery in my opinion to transition into fall.  However, many white accessories can work.  Keep in mind that style makes a huge difference.  For instance, you wouldn't want to purchase white wedges since they are the best option for fall.  White boots and loafers are so hot right now and work great as fall shoe choices.

Sometimes you don't want to invest in entirely new wardrobes with each change in season.  Key pieces can work together however, to extend your prior season into the current season.  I bought this lightweight white sweater last fall and wore it year round.  It easily works in the spring and summer but don't be afraid to rock it into fall as well.  This romper set from Shein is so fun for summer.  It's lightweight for those scorchers of a day and can easily be worn separately for additional looks.  Since the shorts are a fun print and have some jewel tones I knew it would work into fall as well.

I am loving oversized sweaters that fall off the shoulder right now.  I paired my sweater with a pretty lace bralette because why not? The peak a boo of lace is sexy without showing too much and the white stripes in the shorts lead itself to being paired with this white sweater.  I can easily see wearing this same look with some white sneakers as well.

I had so much fun taking these pictures with the sweetest photographer, Kaleena Thompson. She is a photographer in Florida but came out to the west coast for a wedding and stopped by Fresno for Yosemite.  When she reached out to work together I knew I hit the jackpot.  She is as nice as can be and her eye is wonderful.  We braved a scorcher of a day but she still managed to not miss a beat.  Be sure to check out her website HERE. Her gallery of photos shows just how talented she is.

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  1. Now no one follows the old myth of not wearing white after Labour Day! You look drop gorgeous in this white outfit paired with your beautiful nude sandle.

  2. its just a myth to not wear white after labor day and I am glad that you broke this stereotype. You look wow in your this attire.


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