Jewelry & Jeans: Transitioning Your Wardrobe || Three Key Pieces for Fall

Transitioning Your Wardrobe || Three Key Pieces for Fall

Monday, September 25, 2017

Before you know it the temperature will be lower, the leaves will be dropping and pumpkin everything will be everywhere. No complaints from me on all accounts. Fall is my favorite season for the colors, for the flavors, for the wardrobe! I love booties and boots. I love vests and sweaters.  I live in leggings and rarely leave the house without a scarf or beanie because there isn't a better accessory. All of which are great additions that help convert your summer staples to fall. I'm sharing my three favorite pieces for fall as well as more on this exact look below.  Click read more to read the full post.

Transitioning into Fall is tough because you need to be prepared for those cooler temps but you're often doing so when it's August and still really warm. Problem is, you don't want to invest any more money into summer clothes and if you wait too long to start buying those fall staples they are often times sold out. 

A few of my go to staples each and every fall include; booties, utility vests, stripe shirts, hats and light knits Vests, Knits and Booties being my three key pieces. This vest has been with me or ages and is always in style, works for so many different looks and is a great way to not only add a little warmth, but to warm up a look. My sweater top is a tank with a loose fit so again, it adds warmth and warms up this look, giving texture at the same time. Look for pieces that are multi functional, something that works with shorts and with jeans, something that looks good with a tank top as well as a long sleeve shirt.  These pieces will help you transition through the changing season. Additionally, booties are a must.  They are effortlessly chic but also have a fall vibe to them. These perforated cuties caught my eye right away.  The toughest thing about them is that they come in 6 colors so it was super hard to choose just one.  Shop this exact look through the links below. 


  1. I love your style! Great post and blog!

  2. Finally come across the exuberant style blog. Loved to read it. Will buy some items. All of them look amazing and exotic.


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