Jewelry & Jeans: The Prettiest Colorblock Dress for Summer

The Prettiest Colorblock Dress for Summer

Saturday, August 5, 2017

This colorblock dress is effortless and easy to wear. It is perfect for summer and all this hot weather.  The duo of hot orange and taupe is a pretty combination for colorblocking and definitely unexpected.

Dress / Shoes / Earrings are old but similar Here

Last week we celebrated Papa's (my FIL's) birthday.  We all went out to Chinese food and ice cream, Mocha Almond Fudge to be exact.  A pretty perfect combo in my opinion.  So of course, I took the opportunity to throw on my prettiest summer dress.  It's kind of a miracle that I made it through dinner with two littles and didn't get Chinese food all over it.  We finished the night with some Lego's and hide and seek. Which, speaking of hide and seek, Bronson is so into hide and seek right now. Well, the counting and seeking part actually. He loves to count BUT only in odd numbers. He counts only odd numbers up to 10 while partially covering his eyes and totally peeking as you try to hide. Then he yells in half baby babble and half words "ready or not. Here I come."  He races to where you are and laughs hysterically while he yells, "I found you"! It's seriously the cutest thing, but admittedly I'm bias. Wild Saturday night. Haha.

How fun and pretty is this color block dress?  I originally got it to wear in Hawaii but it didn't arrive in time.  It has a button closure in the back and a handkerchief hem. Great for hiding food babies after Sunday brunch, lol.  And this dress would definitely work during pregnancy but it doesn't have an oversized fit or look frumpy. Best part about this dress is that it is incredibly reasonable. Only $17! It is so hard to justify paying too high a price for everyday dresses.  Seasons change quickly and styles even quicker.  I paired it with nude heels and some gold leaf earrings. My earrings are from Forever 21 years ago but I've spotted a similar pair.


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