Jewelry & Jeans: Swimsuits and Sun- Best Beach in Maui

Swimsuits and Sun- Best Beach in Maui

Monday, August 14, 2017

There is something so perfect about warm water, sunshine on your face and that ocean breeze.  We loved every minute of our time in Maui.  Of course, we swam in the ocean every day we were there and why not.  The water is perfection. Well, I wouldn't have minded if it were 4-5 degrees warmer but I don't want to complain.  There's really only a few things you need when you travel to Hawaii; swimsuits and sunglasses are mandatory and a few good beaches make for the best days.  All else is optional.

Read more to see some of my favorite suits this summer and some of the best beaches to visit when in Maui.

The water in Maui is so clear. It's really easy to see sea turtles and fish swimming even close to shore. We were lucky enough to see both and even a few dolphins off in the distance. Wailea Beach is the beach where we stayed and it's one of the best I've been to.  The sand is light colored and small.  No rocks or even shells scatter the shore.  It gradually gets deeper without any undercurrent and the waves are minimal.  It is located just along a few of the nice resorts so it's easy to head up only a few steps and get amazing food and drinks. Paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling are also all readily available.

Palauea Beach is close to another stripe of beach were we visited for a day. It is North of where we stayed and was amazing.  We were there in the later afternoon.  There is a small strip of rocks that shoots out from the beach and it enabled us to swim out and stand in and around them while half a dozen sea turtles swam, played and ate all around us.  They were so close to us and didn't even seem to notice. We didn't mess with them, just stood and watched in awe. 

With all the swimming we did I made sure to bring a few good swimsuits.  This year I've been a major fan of one piece suits.  Just a year ago, I didn't even own one but they have gotten so much cuter and have some really fun cuts and prints.  One of my favorites is this last suit with the long sleeves and zipper front.  Completely unexpected but also so fitting for a dip in the ocean when in HI. Off the shoulder suits are also a summer fav.  I have both a one piece and two piece in this style.  Since I live in suits all summer long but styles change so much each year I don't love paying $100+ for each suit.  I've been lucky enough to find some great options for quality suits at really affordable prices.  Target has long been a great source but this year I also hit up Hollister and Amazon which proved fruitful.  Several of my suits are under $25!! Crazy affordable. 


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