Jewelry & Jeans: Like to Know It || The Who, The What and The Why

Like to Know It || The Who, The What and The Why

Sunday, August 20, 2017

This past week I jetted over to San Francisco where I met my mom and we had some fun in the city for a few days.  I was invited by RewardStyle to the Like to Know it blogger event in San Francisco in advance of their debut of the S.F. #startedwithascreenshot heart wall. I'm breaking down all the who, what and why details below but first wanted to share more of our fun event.  We ate, we drank, we socialized and macramed. Jenny Lemons of Jenny Lemons was our DIY instructor. She makes hand made textiles in San Francisco. She had prepared our individual stations and while we tied knots for our hanging planters we had plenty of time to chat and connect.  The event was held at the One Kearny Club and was decorated beautifully with the most gorgeous blooms.

 Dress / Shoes / Bag / Lipstick 

 Dress / Shoes / Bag / Lipstick 

Since I've been doing a lot more with Like to Know it I thought it would be a good time to give a little background about what it is.  Like to Know it (LTKit) is a way to shop via instagram. It started as a simple email that is sent every time you like a photo of someone with a LTKit link.  Usually something that looks like this;  It is a case sensitive link that directly provides you a picture with all of the items linked in that photo. Once you see the pictures of the items you can click on any of them and it will directly take you to a new page where that item can be purchased.  No more guessing where something is from, no more searching pages and pages on a retailer's site trying to find the exact dress, this link makes it incredibly easy and incredibly fast.  

The links are called affiliate links and they do not cost any money to click on, there is no limit and you won't pay a penny more for the items just because you utilized a blogger's link.  Instead, the retailer gives the blogger a small percentage for showcasing their products should a sale take place. It's in essence marketing for the retailer that they do not have to pay for unless it actually benefits them with a direct sale.   

In addition to the emails, LTKit recently launched their newest feature, their own personal app that works with a simple screenshot.  Every time you now screenshot a linked LTKit photo the image is instantaneously saved in the LTKit app and you are able to shop the images immediately.  You can spot a LTKit linked photo by the heart symbol in the bottom right hand corner, like the two pictures below. The symbol is either white or black and on occasion a picture won't have the symbol (because the blogger opted not to add it) but it is still shoppable if there is a case sensitive link added to the caption.  

No more having to wait for the email to come through hours or even a day later. With how fast items sell out and how much less inventory stores are keeping on hand, it's super helpful to find a particular piece quickly and shop it right from your phone.  

Hopefully this is helpful and answered a few of your questions.  Of course, if you have any additional questions feel free to ask, I'm happy to share.  You can sign up for Like to Know it HERE and you can download the Like to Know it app HERE. You can also shop my look from the event through the images below. 


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