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Flowy Floral Tunics || Jewelry & Jeans

Monday, July 3, 2017

I went out last week to take photos at 9 am and it was already in the 90's.  I was sweating like crazy. Imagine trying to do outfit changes when your clothes are stuck to you! The things we go through just to get some blog photos! Lucky for me I have a friend who's willing to melt out there with me. Haha. 

Too bad the entire week has been in the triple digits and there was no sign of relief.  We had plans for thursday night outdoors but they cancelled it as a result of the heat.  Of course a little heat wasn't going to stop me from have a fun night out. Well, it turns out an epic night out lead to the unfortunate realization that I am OLD.  After a couple of  several drinks we went out dancing. It was country night and we showed off our line dancing skills (or lack thereof!) It was just minutes before we were going to leave and I'm dancing, bent knees and all, when next thing I know I hear a pop and my legs freeze in a semi squat position.  I recover, gracefully of course, stand up and think I'm fine.  By the time we make it home I'm already limping but not really feeling any pain thanks to Dr. Vodka. Long story short, I didn't hurt my ACL or MCL, the Dr believed it was just a 1st degree ligament tear and I'm supposed to recover in 4-6, 2-3 if I do a blood plasma shot.  I'm leaning towards the shot even though it's supposed to be incredibly painful. Anyone else had this kind of a shot before?

In other news, this tunic from Pink Blush is super lightweight and breezy which has proven beneficial with the hot temps. I adore all of the details, the ruffle sleeves, crochet accents and high low hem. The floral pattern is so pretty. I wore it last weekend with cut offs and love the flowy, oversize nature in connection with short shorts.  I've had several great piece from Pink Blush in the past, both while pregnant and not.  All their clothes work while pregnant and when not but that does mean they do tend to run large. Don't let that deter you though because for certain styles the loose fit is adorable.  And I can't seem to get enough of this blush crossbody bag, can we say love!

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