Jewelry & Jeans: Best Art Walls in LA || Great NSale Outfits

Best Art Walls in LA || Great NSale Outfits

Monday, July 24, 2017

Art walls have become more and more popular and LA has some of the bests.  From known and unknown artists with single installations to signature styles. If you're looking for edgier but fun walls to snap a picture in front of look no farther.  Living in CA makes it pretty easy to shoot down to LA for a fun girls trip and just last week I made one of those trips. Not only did I do some shopping, sightseeing and celebrity sightings, I hit up some fun walls. Starting off with this magical wall that just went up this past week in Venice. 


I was invited to attend the RewardStyle debut of their new Like to Know it wall in LA. RewardStyle started the process of allowing people to shop social media posts almost instantaneously with a simple like at first, and then a screenshot most recently.  The screenshot ready pictures are denoted with a heart and dotted circle in the bottom right hand corner.  They have been traveling all over the world with pop-up walls to celebrate the new functionality, so when I got the news I knew I wanted to attend.  

The RS team was there and they brought out a photographer to capture pictures.  Everyone was great, the wall is vibrant and fun. They are keeping it up into August, after that it is up to the business owner but I hope they keep it, it fits in great in Venice.  It is located at 228 Main Street

My outfit is almost entirely on sale as part of the Nordstrom sale.  I absolutely love the shoes.  Day one and they were completely comfortable.  The detailing is like none other and they come in 3 colors.  My top is also on sale and has really pretty embroidery details, peplum hem and ruffle shoulders.

This next wall is probably my favorite wall. The sea of hearts, the bright colors, the bold contrast of black.  I think it's fun and I definitely had fun shooting in front of it.  

This top is one of my favorite purchases of late.  I love the off the shoulder, casual look. I think it's sexy but without showing too much skin.  I love the light purple color which is refreshing for fall looks since I tend to wear too many dark colors.  It is also part of the sale

This one up next is similar to above but obviously white. It is located at Cafe Gratitude 300 S Santa Fe Ave. 

This famous wing wall is by Colette Miller and different versions are painted all over the world. This particular one is in West Hollywood on Palm Avenue at Santa Monica Boulevard. There was also a similar one painted on a wall inside our hotel, the Andaz. Which, if you've never been and are traveling to L.A. I highly recommend.  It is super cool, trendy and chic.  They had excellent service and the rooms are very spacious.  Plus, the rooftop pool and bar are on point, but I digress. 

Next up is the amazingly talented contemporary artist RETNA who has created graffiti murals with unique script across the globe. He has two locations in the L.A. area, one being on the West Hollywood Library on San Vicente Boulevard and the other at Craig’s restaurant on Melrose Avenue. 

My next stop is bound to include the following walls; Paul Smith wall of Love. Its all pink with the word LOVE all over it. So Cute! It's located at 8221 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. 
The Springs wall, think giant twister board located at 608 Mateo St., Downtown L.A. Artist & Craftsman Supply wall which looks kind of like stained glass window panes but more mod, 1660 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. 


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