Jewelry & Jeans: Snow Clothes and Coffee Sips {Sharing My Favorite Coffee Bar System}

Snow Clothes and Coffee Sips {Sharing My Favorite Coffee Bar System}

Friday, March 24, 2017

My littlest snowboarder!! He was a daredevil and loved every minute.

This guys first time in the snow!

While the boys played we survived 6 kids in the snow! 

I got to take a weekend off from the restaurant and got to go up to the snow with some great friends.  The weather was perfect, the snow was beautiful and the change of scenery was much needed.  We took up the boys (I was so worried about Bronson not sleeping) for the weekend. Three couples, 6 kids, good food, better company.  We took the kids to the snow first thing on Saturday and Colton had been asking to snowboard, so we got him his first lesson.  He was a little champ, not scared at all.  I was a proud momma.

Having a weekend away was a nice recharge.  It was like the last couple of months come crashing down on you and while I'd love to have another hundred more like it, I'll take what I can get.  Until then, I'll settle for coffee.  It's the liquid gold I need to start my day.  A strong pot of coffee and a little vanilla creamer and I'm on cloud nine. Kev and I have been using our coffee maker that we received for our wedding until lately when we stepped it up and got the new Ninja Coffee Bar System.

 Nina Coffee Bar

 Ninja Coffee Bar
I received this product in exchange for my review, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

We absolutely love it. It's smartly designed, sleek and easy to use. Everything you need is built in, all but the grounds itself.  The built in frother is a true bonus that we take full advantage of.  The frother is Kevin's favorite part. Whether cold or hot, the frother works magic. The froth is thick but light and makes for amazing cappuccinos. The Ninja Coffee Bar also has a built in cleaning mechanism that automatically triggers a cleaning after every 60 brew.  I'm a little embarrassed to say that we've already had it trigger 2 cleanings.

Maybe I'll start getting more sleep at night and get to cut back on the number of cups I drink! Ya, one can dream, right?

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