Jewelry & Jeans: The Whole Santa Experience

The Whole Santa Experience

Monday, November 7, 2016

I received products in exchange for this review however, all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

I know it was Halloween just a hot minute ago but I've already got the Christmas bug and jumped on the chance to bring the boys to meet Santa.  We got the whole Santa experience with the magic of HGTV Santa HQ at Fashion Fair Mall. HGTV has teamed up with Santa and all his Elves to make this year's experience one the whole family will enjoy at over a dozen different Macerich properties.

Every year I take the boys to see Santa because well, it's Santa. I drag them out in the cold, wait in line an hour, pump them full of what ever snacks they will eat in order to contain them in said line for said hour and by the time we finally get to meet Santa we are all exhausted and disheveled. It's torture!

HGTV's Santa HQ is an interactive, digital experience for everyone to enjoy as they wait in line to meet Santa. They offer several different stops along the way that engage your little ones and allow them to play along in the Santa experience.  We started our fun with the naughty or nice list.  Each child gets to put in their name and check the meter to see where Santa has gauged their behavior over the last year.  Colton was lucky and just barely made the nice list.

Next we headed over to Santa's control room where the kids got to man the controls and check on the elves working in the workshop.  All over the experience are these secret little lighted doors where once an ipad is used to capture it on its screen a 3-D image appears.  Everything from little elves building toys to presents being wrapped and packed on Santa's sleigh.

Next they have a fun holiday themed backdrop with a manned camera station.  This is a great place for the whole family to get a picture together if your little one might be a tad scared to see Santa.

Finally, we concluded our adventure with the one and only Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Colton was as happy as could be to jump on up and sit right next to Santa. He has been talking non-stop about wanting a cement mix truck for Christmas. They boy is beyond obsessed with all things construction related.  I asked him what he thought Bronson was going to ask for from Santa and he said, a mini cement mix truck.  I see what you're doing buddy! Bronson was not as excited to meet Santa, which I expected but we got a little picture and promised to finish out the year with good behavior.

The kids really enjoyed the whole process and loved that it was hands on.  We ended up getting a printed photo in just seconds at the very end as well as digital copies of each and every photo that was taken. And the best part is, you can use the digital photos to make holiday gifts or get additional prints all from the convenience of home. They couldn't have made it any easier.

Don't wait to get your whole Santa experience with Santa HQ and HGTV. You can make your reservation HERE.


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