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Thankful For Everything

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I love the holidays and Thanksgiving is no exception. I am so thankful for all of our blessings, most of all for God's love and grace. For my family, for our health, for time to spend making memories and eating way too much pie. Over the years I have learned to obsess less over the details and be more content.  Stressing to make every little detail perfect leads to unnecessary anxiety rather than the perfect holiday meal or get together.  And in the end I enjoy the time less. One of the tricks to help me stress less, yet still feel as if everything looks put together, is to use Expo party rentals.

Expo has so many rental options. So whether you are planning a huge event or just a simple dinner party, Expo can definitely assist.  Their staff is beyond knowledgeable and helpful, and their selection of rentals is pretty amazing.  From gorgeous shades of linens, including so many sequined options, to tables, chairs, dance floors, popcorn makers, couches and more! This is the second time I've used them to help make an event better and I'm not disappointed.

They have something called rent the settings and they combine everything together into a bundle package for you so the thinking, coordinating and hassle is done for you. I ordered the Amber setting but swapped the runner and added a burlap tablecloth. They can deliver and pick up but best of all, no clean up necessary.  You don't have to wash any of the dishware or linens, just return and Expo will take care of all the cleaning. Its amazing! I'm telling you, save yourself the time, especially with all the parties ahead in December.

Make sure to use Expo for your next event.  They are sure to make it look fantastic! You can find their website HERE. Or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.


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