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Sunday Style

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Want to know my current obsession, it's this athleisure jogger set.  Super soft and even more comfortable than it looks.  The heather grey set goes with everything. I'm always looking for something quick and casual to wear when I'm running errands on the weekend but I don't want to look sloppy.  A jogger set is perfect for appearing put together in a matter of minutes (which is about the time I have available most days). It's the fashion equivalent of dry shampoo for hair- aka my saving grace! 

This weekend we have restaurant business and a baby shower for my sister in law so the preparations and running around are at an all time high. Slipping out of these comfies shortly to get a little more presentable for the shower but until then, I'll be sipping my coffee and pretending I'm still in pajamas and slippers. What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

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  1. I have those Target joggers and I love them! They are so comfy, I probably wear them too much.


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