Jewelry & Jeans: Rocking Athleisure {The Perfect Baby Shoe For Your Mover}

Rocking Athleisure {The Perfect Baby Shoe For Your Mover}

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

As a mom of two active boys, and by active I mean on the go ALL the time, non-stop moving, complete chaos and craziness, I need to stay mobile and ready to go.  But so do they.  I love a good athleisure outfit. Something that is fitted but has room and ability to move. That way I still look put together even though I'm thoroughly ready to roll around on the ground or chase monkeys at the park.  
Now that Bronson is a full time walker I wanted him to have the same mobility and ease of movement both in his clothes, but more importantly his shoes.  These adorable Freshly Picked Moccasins are perfection. Not only are they lightweight but they are also leather. They won't weigh him down as he's trying to scale the park structures but they still provide his feet with plenty of protection. He doesn't even notice when I put them on since they go on with ease and are already molding to his little feet.  I got B the style called Sweater and I love the knitted texture that is built in. It adds so much interest and hides a lot of wear and tear. 

I'm sure he will one day hate that I dressed him up in matching styles but until that day comes we will be twinning every chance I get.  You can shop both our looks below. 

You can find his moccasins HERE or shop both our exact looks below. I've also linked some of my other favorite joggers and athleisure wear. 

I received these moccasins in exchange for this post.  However, all opinions expressed herein are honest and reflect my true opinions. 

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