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My Little Movers - Diapering Made Easier

Sunday, June 26, 2016

One of my favorite times of the day is bath time with my little movers.  I can't get enough of the big smiles, the squeaky clean faces and that just washed smell! Its always a little wild afterwards trying to wrangle this baby into his diaper since he is always on the go trying to keep up with brother.

As a mom of two I've gone thru my fair share of diapers.  I've tried nearly every brand out there hoping to get the best for my baby.  Time and time again I found myself buying Huggies® Little Movers because they not only fit my baby well, they stay fitted even while he rolls, crawls, bounces, jumps. walks, sits..... you get the point.  Plus, they keep him dry and don't irritate his sensitive skin.

After years of using Huggies® I've come up with a few tricks for making life easier when trying to change a moving target baby.

1. Be prepared.  I don't even lay my baby down without having his diaper, wipes, rash cream etc. all ready to go.  I know my time is limited and he is not going to wait for me to open up the diaper or get the power. Which leads me to point 2.

2. Have a toy or something interesting for baby to hold and play with.  When the baby is occupied he tends to wiggle less and when his hands are busy he isn't touching places he shouldn't.

3. When baby is old enough change him standing up.  There is nothing my baby hates more than stopping play for a diaper change. As long as its a simple wet diaper and they are stable enough to stand alone, its pretty easy to do a diaper change while he is standing and its a lot less hassle.

4.  Put on the diaper backwards.  I know this sounds crazy but there are kiddos out there that love to pull on the flaps and take off their diaper.  Luckily I haven't had this experience but if your little one doesn't love to wear diapers and thinks he's independent enough to remove, put the diaper on backwards to eliminate the changes they can take it off.


As any mom knows, we fly through diapers quickly so a small pack of 24 or 48 or even 80 don't last long.  I have better things to do than go buy diapers every other day.  I love that I can get 180 at Sam's Club (+ 12 bonus diapers) for a fraction of what that would cost me else where, plus they ship for free!  Did you see that, FREE!! Sam's Club is offering $3 off now until July 17th and that's a huge savings making the bulk pack even more appealing.  (I just picked up two boxes, one in his size 3 and one in size 4 since I know he'll be there shortly)

Right now you have a chance to win a $500 Sam's Club gift card by submitting a photo of your Little Movers.  Check out the details and enter to win  on their landing page HERE!


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