Jewelry & Jeans: Friday Favorites- June 3

Friday Favorites- June 3

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends.  First and foremost, thank you to every single veteran and the sacrifice they and their families have made so that we can life free in this great nation.  We owe you so much and are so very thankful.

While we didn't have any big vacation planned or trip to the beach we ended up
having the best weekend.  Sometimes having no plans is better than a weekend packed with too many. I got to spend time with by boys and great friends, ate way too much and spent a lot of time in the water.  It was hot over the weekend but not nearly as hot as it is today, 106! And its going to be 108 Saturday!!  Agghh!!

We celebrated our dear friend Madi's 2nd birthday.  Her mama, The Real Housewife of Fresno threw the cutest little farm themed party with a petting zoo and all. There was a mini tractor for the kids to sit on, the most adorable cow, pig and sheep cookies and handmade horsies for the kids to ride off with. I love a good theme so of course, I pulled out my cowboy boots and put C and I in matching gingham shirt.

On Sunday some sweet friends invited us to join them out on the lake.  Colton had never been on a boat but loved every second. Kevin and I went out wake boarding.  I haven't been wake boarding or snowboarding in about 5 years (that's what being pregnant and having kids does!) but I was able to get right up.  Definitely rusty on my maneuverings but that is to be expected. My husband on the other hand was showing off jumping the wake. Both of us were sore the next day...damn it stinks to be old... and out of shape...

New accessories make me happy like fruit snacks make kids happy. I can always have more and since I'm obsessed with tassels lately these bright, fun earrings hit the spot! I had a few free hours this week while grandma watched my youngest and I was on the hunt for a pink dress for an event this weekend. It took a while to find a good dress but along the way I snagged these fun finds and a few more that I'll share later. These sunnies are great on someone with a smaller framed face. Small frames are usually so hard for me to find so these were a pleasant surprise. Both are new in and fully in stock online and in stores.

After our little emergency room incident last week I learned a valuable lesson in having lots of good first aid items readily available. When I went to restock some of our first aid things this week I came across this adorable first aid container.  The bright colors totally speak to me and I love the idea of having some key first aid items organized and contained in one place that is easily accessible. I'm going to fill this baby and put it in my car for all our park play dates. Best part was FREE.  Yes, free! If you bought three qualifying first aid items it was free and since I was already in the market for new items, it was a no brainer!

This is from Target and I believe the promo for the free case is going through Sunday, June 5. 

Also, in honor of national donut day I meet two of my dear friends with all our kiddos for donuts at one of our favorite donut shops, Fantasy Donuts.  They have the most amazing and fun donuts and all of them were only $1 today!! Total win!  They morning didn't go exactly as planned with one little kiddo getting sick but we made do, as always and they kids still loved the sugar high.

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