Jewelry & Jeans: Friday Favorites- May 27th

Friday Favorites- May 27th

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday couldn't have come sooner this week!  Between two sick kids, one who was sick and teething, a trip to the ER, a huge personal business advancement (more to come on that later) and a husband that was gone on a guys camping trip it has been one exhausting week. I am SOOOO looking forward to 
this three day weekend.  Having daddy home all three days is so rare and exciting.  We have nothing, and I mean nothing, planned and that's ok by me. 

So I have been wanting to refresh my front porch for longer than I'd like to admit and I finally got started this week.  It's not completed just yet but I couldn't wait to share this adorable watermelon doormat.  I mean, does this not scream summer! Plus, it was on sale for $9! Yes, 9!! I know, amazing. Can't wait to show you the finished project. They have so many cute designs. 

I have the worst hair for holding curls, or so I thought.  It turns out I was just using the wrong tools for my hair.  A curling iron is an absolute joke.  My hair is flat in 1 hour.  So for years I used a flat iron to curl my hair.  It did a decent job of curling and maintaining curl for my hair but the curls never looked just right.  Recently I decided to try a wand.  I was very skeptical because it seemed so similar to a curling iron just without the clamp.  However, I couldn't stop looking at all the pictures of women who use the wand.  Their hair looked fabulous. I did some research, found a coupon code (because I never pay full price!!) and purchased a Nume.  I bought this 25m wand.
I was surprised by how tight the curls were with the 25m so I recently went back and purchased the 32m.  I find that the 32m gives more beach type waves but still can give tight curls if you use it for such. I section my hair off and will use both wands to give different tightness to my curls.  The best part is, my curls last for days.  Not just the next morning but I'm talking curl on Friday and still got them on Monday.  Yes, I'll touch up a few strands in the front but that's usually only on day two. And yes, I'm a closet non-hair-washer. I hate to dry so I love anything that helps me elongate the time in between washes. I'm definitely happy with both wands and don't see curling my hair any other way.

As I said before, we made our first trip to the ER this past week.  My eldest was riding his scooter when he caught his front wheel on the curb and went flying forward.  Poor guy had his chin break his fall and instantly I saw blood.  I dropped the mail right on the neighbors lawn as I instantly put pressure on his chin to slow the bleeding, scooped him up and carried him inside. I laid him down, put kleenex (the closest thing in reach) on him chin and grabbed some of that elastic first aid tape.  I told him I was making him a mummy and wrapped the tape around his head since I knew we needed to get him stitched up and thus, I was going to have to put him in the car seat.

With my husband still at work I needed some pressure on that wound while I drove. Two kids by myself to the ER, not exactly a fun Wednesday night.  Luckily, my husband was able to meet us right as we arrived.  Right about now you're probably thinking how is this part of her Friday Favorites? Well....

Long story short, we went to Children's Hospital where they gave him 4 stitches, 2 high fives, 3 new toys, and lots of laughs.  Each nurse was more amazing than the next.  They were all so sweet to him and me and we left with Colton being in great spirits. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful hospital and people right next door.  Honestly, this was way more draining on me than it was painful for him.  The next morning he woke without a care in the world and didn't even mention his chin.  I know this is my first and not likely my last trip to the ER so I know I'm going to have to embrace the moto we say in our house; bones heal and chicks dig scars!

I recently scored when I snagged this pretty little number from the clearance section! It is absolutely perfect for the beach or a trip to the park with kids.  Its incredibly large without being cumbersome. The handles are easy to hold or throw over your shoulder and the embellishments make it adorable! Mine is no longer available online but I linked a few similar options.

So I have a new find that I've absolutely fallen in love with.  Its Rituals bath and body products.  First of all, these smell amazing.  Just opening the box from UPS and I could smell the aroma.  LOVE. I have only had this a day but I have a feeling this is going to be a new obsession. I'll be sure to share a full review soon.


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  2. I have to know where the watermelon mat come from! I need it in my life <3 <3

    1. Ashley, Its from target and it was on sale last week!

    2. Ashley, Its from target and it was on sale last week!


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