Jewelry & Jeans: Friday Favorites- May 20th

Friday Favorites- May 20th

Friday, May 20, 2016

Another week has come and gone and I can't even tell you where it went!! How do the days pass so quickly? I swear I need more hours in the day or days in the week.  I'll take either or both if its being offered!! Check out my five favorites from this past week below.

I was lucky enough to get to drive over to the central coast to visit one of my best friends, Colleen, who just had her second baby, a boy named Luke.  He is the most precious little guy and didn't make a peep the whole time I was there.  She has an older daughter, Nora, who is so beautiful and very social.  We got to dance and play Lego's together.  Our visits are never long enough but its always so great to catch up. Of course, I got so distracted that I didn't even snap a pic! Grrr

Warm weather calls for short shorts. These blue floral shorts are super cute and fun for summer.  Sometimes I am hesitant to pick up a piece with a colorful pattern unless I know I can match a top to it.  Much to my surprise, I have three different blue tops that go really well with these shorts and of course, white works perfectly.  I see myself living in these all summer long.

I don't know about you but when it comes to working out I run hot and cold.  One minute I'm super motivated and determined and the next, I'm lazy as can be.  One thing that definitely helps to motivate me to get moving is new workout clothes. It must be something about the fun patterns or bright colors that get me. Half the battle is just putting on the sports bra so if I can get that far, I figure I've accomplished something.   I'm loving this pretty little number with its fun print and criss-cross back detail.

I just finished reading The Book of Joan about the late Joan Rivers.  It was written by her daughter, Melissa Rivers, and was a sweet tribute to her mother.  It definitely had a tone like Joan's and included much of her material.  It was funny but also personal and shared a side of both Melissa and Joan that I had not seen before.  You can read my whole review HERE

I love new jewelry, especially a pretty statement necklace.  I just got this Kendra Scott "Rayne" stone necklace via Rocksbox. This latest box has been my favorite yet with this piece being especially great.  You can wear it long like I have below or you can wrap it twice for a shorter more bold look.  The tassels give it lots of movement and it comes in nearly a dozen colors. If you want a free subscription to Rocksbox (jewelry hand picked and shipped to your door) use code jewelryandjeansstylexoxo at check out HERE


  1. I love those shorts! I just purchased two similar bold print shorts for this summer and I absolutely love them. (One pair is featured on my blog already!) And that necklace is so pretty. I would have never thought to wrap it to make it shorter. I bet that looks cool. I will have to give that a try with some of necklaces similar to that! Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Thank you! I'm so glad I grabbed the printed shorts. I checked yours out and they are so cute!

  2. I love the shorts! I am going to have to jump on the bold pattern band wagon! The Rayne necklace looks great on you! I haven't seen that color before, it seems so versatile!

  3. Thank you! I could live in that necklace. It goes with everything.


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